Susan Young

Award-Winning Visibility Strategist. Become Known + Make an Impact.

"I was struggling with my words for over a year. As a result of enrolling in Story Magnets during the Pandemic, I was finally able to write something clear and simple...and voila! I got two new clients for my new virtual services! Susan is a seasoned and generous pro who over delivers every time. Take this class now!"

Carolyn Gold


New class starts Monday, July 20, 2020

Online Classes + Videos Through COVID

Our world and communication have changed. How are you keeping up? It's time to learn.


Maybe you’ve been thinking about improving your introduction and online visibility. Need confidence to land a new job or client? Or maybe you need fresh content. Try Susan's mini-classes and work at your own pace. Starting at just $29!



Bring your team and members together with Susan’s custom webinars and mini-classes. Topics include crisis media + messaging, high-level communication, consensus-building and leadership strategies, storytelling and motivation. 


Communication + Confidence.

The Cornerstones of Success.

"A stellar teacher!"

Heidi Armstrong

Messaging + Media

Crisp. Clear. Concise. That's the kind of communication required in our attention-starved world. Learn from a former reporter how to stay on message when networking, speaking, writing and working with the media. Pitches, press releases, crisis media  and social media overhauls —no problem!


Capture the essence of your story with Susan's proven formula and templates. No more getting tangled up in your own words. You'll have a dynamite and fun story to share that resonates with others. AND you'll easily attract exciting new opportunities—and clients!

Speaker Training

You can get paid to speak at conferences! Learn the techniques + nuances of well-known speakers who deliver memorable & vibrant presentations. From contracts and credentials to body language and book sales, you'll quickly build trust + influence with audiences while expanding your reach. 

"You literally changed my life. I appreciate your ‘no nonsense’ (yet kind!) advice on how to get out of my own way, embrace my power and put myself out there for the world to see! "

Faye Hadley
Automotive entrepreneur

"Susan is a secret weapon for communication! Her course gave me the final boost of clarity & confidence I needed to propel my business forward. "

Brittany Lynch

"Susan offers outstanding content for personal messaging and business branding: simply delivered, understandable, efficient, practical and easy to implement. Susan has helped us with our business communication and can do the same for you."

Dr. Joe Sasso
Chiropractor/small business owner

"If you have challenges with how to convey your message to the world, I highly recommend Susan's trainings. Impactful! "

Michelle Amriel
Parent facilitator & entrepreneur

For 30 years, I've been a trusted advisor to: 

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives
  • Association managers
  • Authors, speakers & coaches
  • Governors, mayors & elected officials
  • Community leaders
  • Doctors, hospitals & holistic coaches  
  • Educators
  • A 4-time Olympic athlete


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Transformational Coaching

I'll hold your hand and show you how to develop unwavering self-confidence and step into the spotlight to grow your business and impact. Watch and listen to Heidi Armstrong's life-changing experience when working with Susan!


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