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Susan Young

Award-Winning Visibility Strategist. Become Known + Make an Impact.

Tired of Feeling Invisible? New Story Magnets Class Starts Jan. 4, 2021!

I'll show you how to become confident in the spotlight that is yours for the asking! Change Your Story, Confidence + Visibility to Grow Your Business and Impact!

Work with Susan

Proactive Coaching and Consulting

One Hour

You are in a jam. Maybe you’re stuck with a content or PR dilemma or need feedback on a pitch. Maybe you need a boost of self-confidence and focus. These calls are for quick fixes. We meet on a video conference or "old-style" phone call and get things done!  

$500.00 USD

Half Day Coaching

This 4-hour block can help you fine-tune your pitch, presentation or podcast. Or reserve this block to work on your clarity, mindset or communication so you feel organized, poised and confident to up-level and close more clients!

$999.00 USD

Monthly Coaching

Struggling with negative self-talk? Maybe you're tangled up with your introduction or need new content. Still getting crickets from reporters? Want a roadmap to paid speaking gigs? We'll meet on video weekly for 1 hour. Additional email support is available, too. Develop newfound confidence for professional + personal growth. 

$1,600.00 USD

For 30 years, I've been a trusted advisor to: 

  • Entrepreneurs + sales professionals 
  • Holistic coaches, authors + speakers
  • Health + wellness pros 
  • CEOs
  • Doctors + hospitals
  • Association managers
  • Governors, mayors +  elected officials
  • Community leaders
  • Schools + universities 
  • A 4-time Olympic athlete 
Contact Susan Now

"I’ve made a ton of progress since joining your coaching program a few months ago. I had 'book knowledge' but was falling short. Now I have as much business as I can handle and I’m building on my vision for 2021 with you and NLP! "

Chris Wolpert
Employee Benefits Adviser/Entrepreneur

Transformational Coaching - From New Jersey to New Zealand!

I'll hold your hand and show you how to develop unwavering self-confidence and step into the spotlight to grow your business and impact. Watch and listen to Heidi Armstrong's life-changing experience when working with Susan!


"Susan’s programs helped me to step out and be bolder in promoting myself beyond my sphere of influence. Business is steady and I was promoted during the Pandemic. I’m the first and only woman to be a Lease Director in all of Houston! I’m so proud of myself! "

Cheryl Seidner
Lease Director, D&M Auto

"I am blown away with Susan's coaching and formulas. I struggled with my story for years and took a lot of classes. The first time I shared my new story, people wanted to connect with me. That's never happened before. Susan's experience as a reporter taught me what to include and what to leave out. I recently had to introduce myself in a Zoom meeting and now I feel like I own my introduction. I use everything Susan has taught me constantly because I know myself so much better than I did. You can't put a price on this. There's so much value that carries into my business, life and every relationship. Work with Susan! "

Michelle Palys

"I now wake up every morning with intentional tasks. I took Susan Young's coaching program and it has changed my life. I ask myself: 'Are my activities lining up with the life I want to create for myself? ' And if they don't, I re-direct. Thank you, Susan. My new stories and introductions are amazing! I have so much confidence!"

Maria Berry-Swann
Fashion coach/Entrepreneur

"I was so stuck in my head before I met you. You gave me the confidence to talk about myself and tell business stories in-person and on social media. You also gave me the framework for marketing and sales. I’m a much better communicator than I was just a couple of months ago. Your templates and NLP experience are incredibly valuable. My calls are more productive, email open rates are higher and I'm acquiring new clients quickly! "

Allison DePaoli
Employee Benefits Adviser/Entrepreneur

"Susan is a secret weapon for communication! Her coaching and course brought me the clarity and confidence I needed to propel my business forward!"

Brittany Lynch

Want To Be A Dynamite Communicator Who Closes More Clients?


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