You Boldly Started Your Business to Make an Impact.

And you know in your heart you can help more people when you speak up and show up (without learning TikTok or Reels.)

So, If You {Still} Feel Like the Best-Kept Secret, It's Time to Let the Cat Out of the Bag With...

💎Podcast + media interviews to captive, warm audiences 

💎Paid speaking gigs so that you always have organic leads 

💎Intros + stories so you keep peoples attention when networking 

💎Online visibility that's quick + easy (without ads or a budget) 

Yep, I Wanna Look at Coaching Options

You Started Your Business to Make an Impact.

But You're Feeling Invisible Online.

You're Being Pulled in So Many Different Directions, But You Still Feel Stuck.

Your Messaging is Confusing Prospects, And You Have No Idea How to Even Start Cleaning It Up.

Isn't It Time to Show Up In a Bold Way (Without the Self-Doubt)

So You Can Live Your Life's Purpose?

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I clarified who my ideal client is, streamlined my offerings, and more than doubled my business during the Pandemic.
Sue is a caring, competent powerhouse and models what she teaches. She is worth it! 



Laura Schmidt


I thought I needed help with online marketing. Then, I discovered I didn't feel confident with my own communication.
We just beat our biggest competitors and closed a $61,000 contract by hiring Susan. We got a 400% Return on our  Investment!
The way we message, advertise, write newsletters, and speak in meetings is totally different. I’ll carry what Susan taught me through the rest of my career. 



John Woods


There's Just ONE Reason Laura, John, and So Many Others Are Seeing Such LIFE-CHANGING Transformations... 

They Learned the Story Funnel System

I created it 22 years ago when I started my business. I grew to multiple 6-figures  without technology, a budget, or a team.

And you can, too! (It works in any niche 😍

When you know the 5-Step Story Funnel System, you can  transform key aspects of your communication so that you: 

  • Have clear and concise messaging that brings more visibility and collaborations — online and in-person
  • Make a bigger impact as an expert + paid speaker
  • Share your stories in a bold + powerful way that engages your community so they want to buy from you  
  • Discover new communication skills so that you easily land clients with conversations, not awkward salesy pitches
 Within a few weeks of working with Susan, I closed $32,000 in new business simply by having a conversation. That's a 700% Return-on-Investment!
I'm so much more transparent and intuitive on calls. People sense it and they just want to work with me.
I've been in sales a long time. Susan's new way is much better than my old way.
I'm putting myself out there and more people are coming!


 Jennifer LaTour

Business Development 

Susan Young is THE reason I can stand in front of any audience and tell a captivating story that will change people’s lives.
Susan’s coaching program has been pivotal for my growth as a storyteller and speaker.
Now I share my story with confidence and never fail to get a sale, collaboration or speaking engagement!
Work with Susan!


Maria Swann


 Susan is a secret weapon for communication!
Her coaching and course brought me the clarity and confidence to propel my business forward!


Brittany Lynch


In a Jam or Need a Quick Fix?

Check Out a VIP Coaching Day! 

Book Your 4-Hour Block of Private Coaching (no contracts!)  

Re-focus. Re-energize. Results.

Pick 1-2 things to work on and we'll dig in together so that you communicate with more clarity + confidence...

  • Stand out with concise networking intros + ‘About Me’ stories 
  • Get booked for interviews with compelling email pitches
  • Land paid speaking gigs with the right connections + proposals 
  • Gain respect as a speaker + leader with fresh topics 
  • Feel aligned with your stage presence, stories, + delivery  
  • Connect + resonate with dream clients to impact more people 
  • Get organic visibility with intriguing posts + content (no ads!) 
  • Close more clients with impressive listening skills + creativity
  • Become more self-assured + show up big! 


Pay in full $1,479 USD (Regularly $2,500!)



2 Monthly Payments of $800 USD


Maria Swann went from a few clients to a wait list...and she raised her rates!  

Take a few seconds and watch Maria's video.

If you want fast and huge results like Maria's gotten, take a peek at how you can work with Susan, too. 

Yep, I Wanna Look at Coaching Options

For 35+ years, I've been a trusted communications coach + advisor to: 

  • Entrepreneurs + sales professionals 
  • Holistic coaches, authors + speakers
  • Therapists + health + wellness pros 
  • CEOs
  • Doctors + hospitals
  • Association managers
  • Governors, mayors +  elected officials
  • Community advocates
  • Schools + universities 
  • A 4-time Olympic athlete 

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 I had 'book knowledge' but was falling short on confidence and my story.
My business grew by 400% in four months because of my work with Susan. Now, I don't even have time to follow-up with all my prospects.



Chris Wolpert


Transformational Coaching...

From New Jersey to New Zealand!

Heidi Armstrong's life-changing business and personal growth came when she finally decided to work through her blind spots. 

For years, Heidi knew she needed to pitch herself differently to conference organizers and reporters.

She knew she had a good story and was ready to share it. And she knew she was missing opportunities to help more people.   

We dug in right away; Heidi's business took off (in the pandemic!) 

Heidi shares more insights in the video. Take a look. 

Yep, I Wanna Look at Coaching Options
Sue helped me refine my story and reactivate my voice so I show up boldly and confidently with my story.
If you're thinking of  working with Sue, do it!



Diana Patton

Social Justice Advocate + Former Civil Rights Attorney

Susan’s programs helped me to step out and be bolder in promoting myself beyond my sphere of influence. Business is steady and I was promoted during the Pandemic.
I’m the first and only woman to be a Lease Director in all of Houston.
I’m so proud of myself! 



Cheryl Seidner

Lease Director, D&M Auto

Susan offers outstanding content for messaging and business branding: simply delivered, understandable, efficient,  practical and easy to implement. 



Dr. Joe Sasso


I was so stuck in my head before I met you. You gave me the confidence to talk about myself and tell business stories in-person and on social media.
You also  gave me the framework for marketing and sales. I’m a much better communicator than I was just a couple of months ago.
Your templates and NLP experience are incredibly valuable.
My calls are more productive, email open rates are higher, and I'm acquiring new clients quickly!  


testimonial1Allison DePaoli


I am blown away with Susan's coaching and formulas. I struggled with my story for years and took a lot of classes.
The first time I shared my new story, 3 qualified leads wanted to connect!  That's never happened.
Now I feel like I own my introduction.  Work with Susan! 



Michelle Palys


Ready to Transform Your Communication, Storytelling, + Business So That You Have More Organic Warm Leads, Visibility, + Impact?  

Yep, I Wanna Look at Coaching Options

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