Proactive Coaching and Consulting

I teach professionals how to get more visibility so you can grow your business and impact. It's all about having the confidence to self-promote so you can build visibility, credibility and revenue. Let's maximize opportunities and technology and become known.

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One Hour

You're in a jam or need a quick fix.  Maybe you’re stuck with a content or PR dilemma or need feedback on a pitch. Maybe you want templates for your podcast interviews so you can be a credible + confident host or guest. Let's meet virtually and get things done ⚡

$500.00 USD

Half Day Coaching

We can meet via video conference so you can iron out your messaging, crisis media strategy, pitch or content calendar. Or you can use our 4 hours together to organize a top-notch presentation, story or introduction. You'll be organized, poised and totally confident!

$999.00 USD

Monthly Coaching

Struggling with negative self-talk? Maybe you're tangled up with your introduction or need new content. Still getting crickets from reporters? Want a roadmap to paid speaking gigs? We'll meet on video weekly for 1 hour. Plus you'll have email access to me. Develop newfound confidence for professional + personal growth. 

$1,600.00 USD


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