I'm excited to learn more about you and your vision for growth over the next 6-12 months…and beyond!


Your journey begins with a Story Power Session. To see if we are a good fit, please complete the application below.  


IMPORTANT:  Please note prior to starting your application 🢃

To serve you best, please only complete this form if you are a CEO, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, therapist, speaker, author, or sales professional with an online presence. You may sell digital products such as online courses, services, and coaching programs.

DO NOT complete this form if you only sell physical products, have an Etsy or brick-and-mortar shop only, just left your full-time corporate job (for whatever reason), or are thinking about opening a business.


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I specifically help committed entrepreneurs and go-getters to easily transform their communication, get more visibility, and  organically grow their business. 

"In the few weeks we've been working with Susan, I've closed $32,000 in new business simply by having a conversation. That's a 700% Return-on-Investment! I'm being so much more transparent and intuitive on calls. People sense it and they just want to work with me. I've been in sales for a long time. Susan's new way is much better than my old way. I’m seeing the ROI because the more I'm putting myself out there, the more people are coming!”

- Jennifer LaTour

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