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  • You're the kind of person who shies away from the spotlight, loses your power and allows others to control conversations
  • You over-think everything a prospect is seeing in you (or doesn't) 
  • You insist on listening to the negative stories in your head that derail your sense of worthiness
  • You seem to be drowning in the same story over and over again
  • You go into meetings expecting your conversations to be awkward  because that's what always happens
  • You don't think you're "enough"; not friendly enough, not smart enough, not charming/witty enough, not talented enough, or all of the above
  • You feel that your ideal clients aren't drawn to you
  • You ache when sitting on the sidelines when you know deep in your heart the spotlight is calling you
  • You allow others to be charismatic while you shrink back from truly engaging with prospects
  • You believe you don't have a good story to tell (Why would anyone be interested in this...??!) 
  • You wonder how your competitors land big contracts and interviews while you're wanting to change...but you just don't know how or where to even begin 

"I’ve made a ton of progress since joining your coaching program a few months ago. I had 'book knowledge' but was falling short. Now I have as much business as I can handle and I’m building on my vision for 2021 with you and NLP! "

Chris Wolpert
Employee Benefits Adviser/Entrepreneur

"I've seen a 40% jump in my business — during the Pandemic —and it's because of my work with Susan! Her process has empowered me, enabled me to find my voice and concisely communicate my story. Our work together has given me so much confidence. I've been featured on numerous podcasts and media interviews. I'm now the 'go-to' expert! Susan is brilliant, a great writer, incredible with words and I can't recommend her highly enough!! "

Heidi Armstrong

"Story Magnets is easily the single best ROI I’ve ever gotten, and I have invested 6-figures in mastermind coaching and programs over the past decade. My story was the magic piece that was missing. I was hemming and hawing when talking about my business and my website needed help for years. Now, my website is updated and I’m expressing myself with a clear, confident and authentic story. I finally feel legitimate! Jump on the Story Magnets wagon! "

Natalie Saxe
Empowerment Coach

You don't understand how to harness the power of a magnetic story and to create a connection with people who can buy or refer

You aren't clear on what others really want to hear from you

You're showing up like a deer in headlights ...allowing yourself to be timid and meek while others exude their personalities 

You're confusing self-confidence with cocky 

You don't have a deep belief of the value you're worthy of right now

You're not communicating the right vibes + energy to attract exciting new opportunities 

You have story anxiety and don't know how to talk about yourself in a heartfelt way that gets peoples attention  

You don't know how to balance verbal and nonverbal communication to make stronger connections with people   

  • I was placing my value and worth soley on my career.
  • I was busy telling everyone else's story (as a radio news reporter) and lost track of my own opinions + feelings.
  • I looked confident on the outside, won awards + had lots of achievements, still I never felt special on the inside. 
  • I dabbled in therapy for years, convinced I had some breakthroughs but never getting to the core of my self-loathing.
  • I believed from the time I was a little girl that I was "bad" because I was a middle child. 
  • I wanted desperately to teach our 2 kids how to love themselves, but how can you teach something you've never learned?
  • An epic family crisis that ripped us apart for 10 agonizing years led to newfound strength, courage, vulnerability...and a deep sense of self-respect, self-love and self-worth that I had been hiding from—and chasing—all of my life. Whew! I not only turned the page. I burned the book. You can, too. :)

I've formed much deeper connections with colleagues, friends and strangers by simply opening up about my journey 

I've felt completely liberated and free of my limiting beliefs 

I've been living life with a new perspective that's brought magic, abundance and compassion at levels I never could have imagined 

I've been enjoying my marriage of 31 years with a renewed commitment to us as individuals and partners—-and been laughing a lot more, too

I'm SO ridiculously proud to share my perfectly imperfect story because I know that I matter...and so do you

My story is just an example of what happens when you give yourself the grace to re-write your narrative to become the storyteller and the Story Magnet the world is waiting for! 


But don't take my word for it. My clients and students — from Austin to Australia—are happy to share their experience with you...

"I am blown away with Susan's coaching, process and formulas. I struggled with my story for years and took a lot of classes. The first time I used Susan's process, people wanted to connect with me. That's never happened before. Susan's experience as a reporter taught me what to include and what to leave out. I recently had to introduce myself in a Zoom meeting and now I feel like I own my introduction. I use everything Susan has taught me every single day because I know myself so much better than I did. You can't put a price on this. There's so much value that carries into my business, life and every relationship. Work with Susan! "

Michelle Palys
Business coach/Entrepreneur

"I was struggling with my words for a year. As a result of enrolling in Story Magnets during the Pandemic, I was finally able to write something clear and simple...and voila! I got two new clients for my new virtual services! Susan is a seasoned and generous pro who over delivers. Take this class!"

Carolyn Gold
Interior Designer

"Susan is a secret weapon for communication! Her coaching and course brought me the clarity and confidence I needed to propel my business forward!"

Brittany Lynch

Week 1: Transforming Your Self-Talk — For Good  

You don't need to work harder or do more so that you can live your dream. I'll show you how to finally get past your old internal stories and self-sabotage at the deepest level so you can drastically improve your life #beenthere. You'll have the scientifically-proven 3-step process that successful leaders use to reach new levels of expansion and growth. 

Week 2: Cracking the Confidence Code

Exhausted from chasing and falling into old habits? Your self-doubt will vanish when I show you the power you have right now — but aren't using. You'll stop second-guessing yourself and start living the future you want. You'll have the support of a safe community, accountability and coaching (plus PDFs and other resources) as you move forward on your path to possibility!

Week 3: Introducing...YOU! 

As your self-doubt disappears, I'll share my exact formula so you can confidently and concisely introduce yourself — online and in person. I promise you'll be shocked at how one simple sentence will captivate your prospects — and attract new clients, referrals and opportunities. 😍 There are also hot seats + coaching so you can practice in a safe space.  

Week 4: Uncovering Your Real Story 

Now that people are paying attention when you introduce yourself, we'll focus on the “Highlights Reel” of your journey. You'll get the exact template, structure + words for your longer story, brimming with achievements and personality. You'll be super excited to reply to "tell me about yourself." 

Week 5: Sharing Your Story with Style

Your introduction has got to connect + resonate with prospects. It's got to have an impact. The magic is in your words, vocal vitality and body language. I’ll share simple techniques (that your competitors probably don’t know!)  that bring instant rapport —and juicy opportunities. It's time to step into your power. YOU are worthy. YOU are the message!

Maria Got Fast & Amazing Results. You Can, Too!


"Incredibly powerful. "

Robert Gold

"Susan has a unique ability to cut through to the point. Her decades of experience come through with incredible simplicity. She is a master of words."

Dara Zycherman

"Susan’s simple yet very effective process and formulas are gold! I got so much out of her program. Every part of the course was filled with valuable and actionable tips. I've been using my intro and story with great success and confidence. Thank you, Susan! "

Megan Ruffino

Course starts Monday, January 4, 2021


5 Video Trainings + Worksheets + Templates

All lessons will have a video, worksheets and guides to make the course juicy and digestable. As you may know, I love to over-deliver so don't be shocked if this becomes quite a few more!

Weekly Q & A Coaching Livestreams

The group coaching continues with amazing guidance on everything you need to do to become the best storyteller and version of yourself! (Hotseats for practicing, too!) 

A Supportive Community

You will have an amazing group of people who are just like you, going through the same fast-track transformation together as a community! We'll be supporting and encouraging one another throughout our journey.

GET LIFETIME ACCESS to the Visibility Self-Promo class + Story Magnets Ultra — which gives you LIFETIME access and deep savings on all courses Susan creates in 2021 and beyond! The bottom line: You get LIFETIME savings and ACCESS to HUGE courses from Susan so you can continue to expand and transform! 


" I was so stuck in my head before I met you. You gave me the confidence to talk about myself and tell business stories in-person and on social media. You also gave me the framework for marketing and sales. I’m a much better communicator than I was just a couple of months ago. Your templates and NLP experience are incredibly valuable. My calls are more productive, email open rates are higher and I'm acquiring new clients quickly! "

Allison De Paoli
Health Benefits Adviser

Frequently Asked Questions

You'll have Lifetime Access to Story Magnets Ultra (value $1,997), including Susan's expansive private Resource Library that she's been building for 20+ years. 

We begin on Monday, Jan. 4, 2021 so we can kick-off the New Year with purpose and passion! 

The first video lesson on Transforming Your Internal Chatter -For Good” will be available in your Content Library in Kajabi on Monday morning, Jan. 4, 2021 by  8 AM CST. You'll have access to a new video lesson and PDF worksheets in your Content Library every Monday for five weeks. The videos are under 30 minutes each. Work at your own pace. 

We'll meet on Zoom each Thursday at 11 AM CST/ 12:00 PM EST for Office Hours, Coaching and Live Hot Seats. These are recorded in case you miss one. 

Also, each student in Story Magnets Ultra gets a 30-minute 1:1 private coaching session with Susan before we start so we can map out a strategy for success together. #accountability #actiontaker

Story Magnets Ultra runs from Monday, Jan. 4, 2021- Thursday, Feb. 4, 2021.  

No, and here's the reason why. This class - and Susan's teachings- are based on self-trust and confidence. It's about you being decisive and responsible about your business, personal and professional development. 

Absolutely! We know everyone's busy and life happens. All Office Hours, coaching, hot seats, etc. will be recorded on Zoom. Links are shared with students within a few hours. 

Susan is an award-winning visibility strategist and founder of Get in Front Communications, Inc. For 21 years, Susan has been teaching professionals and entrepreneurs how to tell their stories so they can increase their visibility and credibility—and make a bigger impact.

A former radio news reporter and on-air anchor for 10 years, Susan has interviewed everyone from homeless people to presidents. She also worked as Deputy Director of New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman’s Office of Radio and Television, and was a PR director for a statewide nonprofit.

In addition, Susan is a certified practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming. NLP is a model of communication, sales, psychology and business that's used by world leaders, politicians and top athletes to bridge communication gaps, create new mental roadmaps and build trust and rapport with others.

A graduate of Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT, Susan has been honored as “Entrepreneur of the Year” and is one of the ‘Top 75 Badass Women on Twitter.’ She facilitates Communication Nation on Facebook.

Susan and her husband relocated from New Jersey to San Antonio in 2006. They have two grown children and get back to New Jersey often to enjoy family, friends, the beach...and tasty pizza.

"I’m a big fan of Sue and her programs. She's been working with some of our advisers and they have very impressive results. If you need help with communication and storytelling, take action and enroll in Story Magnets now so that you can kick off 2021 with the tools you need!"

Nelson Griswold
President, NextGen Benefits

"Each lesson is somehow better than the last. I saw value in the first lesson and all the way through. The content is so 'consumable.' My hot seat was potentially the most productive 45 minutes ever. Thank you, Susan, you make it so easy! "

Macy Jett

"Susan’s programs helped me to step out and be bolder in promoting myself beyond my sphere of influence. Business is steady and I was promoted during the Pandemic. I’m the first and only woman to be a Lease Director in all of Houston! I’m so proud of myself! "

Cheryl Seidner
Lease Director, D&M Auto

"I was feeling nervous and didn’t know of what to say. I was afraid of sounding wordy so prospecting was difficult. Now, I'm reaching out to more people and feel much more confident. I have an introduction that’s concise and impactful. I'm more excited than ever to build my business! "

Suzy Van Alstyne


2 Payments




✔ 5 video lessons 

✔ 30 minute 1:1 pre-coaching session w/Susan

✔  1-hour 1:1 accountability coaching w/Susan 

✔ Weekly group coaching + hot seats 

✔ Support + encouragement from other students 

✔ Templates, formulas, worksheets & SURPRISE BONUSES 🤣

✔ Recordings of all coaching sessions

(Additional email access to Susan is available for an extra fee)



1 Payment


✔ Savings of $300! 

✔ 5 video lessons 

✔ 30 minute 1:1 pre-coaching session w/Susan

✔  1-hour 1:1 accountability coaching w/Susan 

✔ Weekly group coaching + hot seats 

✔ Support + encouragement from other students 

✔ Templates, formulas, worksheets & SURPRISE BONUSES 🤣

✔ Recordings of all coaching sessions

(Additional email access to Susan is available for an extra fee)


3 Payments




✔ 5 video lessons 

✔ 30 minute 1:1 pre-coaching session w/Susan

✔  1-hour 1:1 accountability coaching w/Susan 

✔ Weekly group coaching + hot seats 

✔ Support + encouragement from other students 

✔ Templates, formulas, worksheets & SURPRISE BONUSES 🤣

✔ Recordings of all coaching sessions

(Additional email access to Susan is available for an extra fee)



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