Susan Young


Award-winning Story + Sales Coach.

Engaging and Heartfelt Webinars, Workshops + Keynotes

"Susan is the real deal!"

Businesses,  professional associations and network marketing companies hire Susan for webinars, workshops and keynotes.

Popular topics include:     

  • Storytelling in Business 
  • The Shameless Art of Self-Promotion
  • Craft Your 30-second Introduction 
  • The 3C Process to Business Growth: How to Be the Go-To Expert in 2021
  • Communicating On-Camera During COVID:  Improve Your Body Language, Vocal Vitality + Confidence
  •  How to Organically Get More Visibility Online and Grow Your Business 
  • How to Create Content and Build Your Online Buzz
  • Proactive Crisis Media 
  • Powerful Public Speaking 
  • Communicating—and Selling—in Our Changing World 
  • Leadership and Interpersonal Relationships 

**Susan is a certified practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming. NLP is the inter-relationship between thought, language and behavior. Her programs include this fascinating and scientifically proven methodology. 


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