Learn How to Tell Your Story So People
Want to Buy From You. It's time to....

Speak Up and Sell!

Transform Your Voice, Value + Story to Attract New Clients.
A 6-Month Online Group Coaching Program for Experienced Entrepreneurs.

If you've never learned how to sell, or simply need new skills for our online world, you're in the right place!

"My business grew 400% in four months because of my work with Susan. I had 'book knowledge' but was falling short on confidence and my story. Now I don't even have time to follow up with all my prospects."

Chris Wolpert
Founder, Group Benefit Solutions

"Working with Sue the past year helped me clarify the unique value I offer my professional community. This gave me the confidence to globally promote and expand my offerings (three-fold!) and increase my fees. After 24 years in the field, I'm more energized than ever from my work and my clients. Thank you, Sue, for believing in me and helping me believe in myself! I wouldn't be where I am today without your skill, kindness, and confidence."

Laura Schmidt

If you KNEW you could get huge ROI by becoming better at selling with stories, would you do it?

You can get a whopping 400% Return-on-Investment like most of my clients do — including  Laura and Chris — when they decided to invest in themselves.     

Now you can learn the Story Funnel System I created for my own business 21 years ago.

Since I've started using it, I've become a charismatic storyteller with a multiple 6-figure income. This all happened in 3 years, without technology, a budget, or team. 

And it's not just me...

I've  been teaching the Story Funnel System to clients from around the globe who are using it over and over and over to...

  • Speak powerfully and clearly — online and in-person
  • Make a difference and be more relevant
  • Attract prospects with more visibility 

These entrepreneur dynamos are seeing triple-digit returns on their investments in the Story Funnel System!

They have the mindset, listening skills, and exact strategies to transform their self-worth, story, and sales  — despite the Pandemic.  

And you can, too! 

Maria Got Fast & Amazing Results. You Can, Too!


Here’s just a taste of what to expect inside
Speak Up and Sell,
a 6-month group coaching program...

Know exactly what to include in your introduction — and how to say it — so you attract dream clients in any situation... 

  • Discover how to use your story to feed your sales funnel so you organically grow business — over and over again 
  • Finally gain the confidence to share your true self with relationship-based selling techniques so that you feel aligned, not awkward
  • Learn how to shine on sales calls in a confident, helpful, and personable way so people want to buy from you— and refer friends 
  • Use psychologically and scientifically proven NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)  techniques that create higher conversions without traditional pushy, slimy, and inauthentic sales tactics
  • Feel worthy to pitch podcasters + reporters so that you land interviews and are seen as a respected thought leader  (and exponentially grow your audience and email list with “free” advertising)
  • ...And Much More!

Your Story is the Most Valuable
Piece of Content You'll Ever Have.Β 

Course Roadmap

We start Monday, Jan. 3, 2022 and wrap up on Thursday, June 30, 2022!

Module 1: Learn How to Grab — and Keep — People's Attention  

You can have the best offer in the world, but if nobody sees it...

Nobody is going to buy it.

In the first module, you'll learn exactly how to grab and keep your dream client's attention long enough to deliver your sales message.

You'll  also receive my proven "Mad Libs-style" story templates.  These are the same templates I've used for 21 years to get the attention of my dream clients. 

Plus, you'll craft your 30-second elevator pitch so that you organically attract your dream clients.  

And, we'll replace any negative self-talk with unshakeable self-confidence so you feel comfortable to share your story and grow your business.

Module 2: Guide Dream Clients Into Your Sales Funnel  

Learn how to tell your story to captive audiences on podcasts, media interviews, paid speaking gigs, and videos. 

All so you can grow your audience and attract new dream clients. 

I'll show you how to use your story as a lead magnet that's relatable, personable, and memorable so you become unforgettable to your dream clients.  

It doesn't matter if you're bubbly, introverted, or shy. You won't have to chase people or pay for ads that don't convert to get new business.  

I'll teach you subtle sales techniques so that you attract your dream clients – simply by using your voice and being seen as a thought leader. 

Module 3: Build Quick Rapport + Get More YESES!! 

Learn how to use simple, easy-to-follow Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) scripts to  form deeper connections and build rapport with your dream clients faster.   

I'll teach you the exact questions to ask to discover your dream clients' needs and desires...so you can position your offers as the ideal solution for them. 

And, I'll dish on secrets on how to leverage your voice and body language — from my 35+ years as a radio news anchor, paid speaker, and media coach. 😍

Module 4: Know How to Stand Out + Be More Visible 

Learn dozens of ways to maximize your visibility — online and in-person. 

I'll show you how to boost your "social cred" by showcasing your story, expertise, and interviews.

All so you can get in front of  dream clients who are ready to hire you or refer friends.

And, you'll get my Content Planner to supercharge your online presence.

Use the Planner to stay organized and get strategic with your content so you always know exactly what you're posting and when. This is the first step to delegating content and freeing up your time! 

"I grew my coaching practice by 400% last year; my biggest growth in 6 years. It's a direct result of our work together on changing my beliefs. Susan meets you where you are and gently guides you out of your comfort zone. I can't thank her enough."

Heidi Armstrong
Coach and Entrepreneur

You'll Have Access To...

  • 18+ video lessons and PDFs so you can work at your own pace 
  • (3) 30-minute private coaching sessions so you have custom goals to get the results + transformation you want   
  • (12) 1-hour live group coaching sessions and hot seats so that you have instant feedback and encouragement from me and the group 
  • 30 proven templates and access to the Resource Library I've built over 35 years for your introductions, email pitches, bios, content, posts, email marketing, speaking gigs, and testimonials! 
  • PLUS! A BONUS TRAINING ON HOW I MADE $18,000 ON CLUBHOUSE (and how you can, too!) 


$10,000 $9,500


βœ” Savings of $500! 

βœ” 18  video lessons 

βœ” 12 live group coaching and hot seats (1-hour each) 

βœ” 3 private 30-minute coaching sessions 

βœ” 30 templates, formulas, scripts, and copy 



6 monthly payments of $1583.30


βœ” Savings of $500! 

βœ” 18 video lessons 

βœ” 12 live group coaching and hot seats (1-hour each) 

βœ” 3 private 30-minute coaching sessions 

βœ” 30 templates, formulas, scripts, and copy


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"I invested $5,000 with Susan and surpassed my goal of hitting $1 million in revenue for the first time ever. And it happened during the Pandemic. Susan's NLP coaching also helped me save my relationships with my wife and daughter. "

Ted Dixon
CEO, Dixon Associates

"There's so much value; you can't put a price on this. The first time I used Susan's Story Funnel System, three qualified prospects connected with me. Now I feel like I own my introduction and story. Work with Susan! "

Michelle Palys
Business coach/Entrepreneur

" I was so stuck in my head before I met you. You gave me the confidence to talk about myself and the framework for marketing and sales. My calls are more productive, email open rates are higher and I'm acquiring new clients quickly! "

Allison De Paoli
CEO, Altique Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

You'll get:

16 video lessons running 30-40 minutes, max

6, 1-hour live group coaching sessions with hot seats.

3, 30-minute private coaching calls to set your goals and work through your specific challenges or projects. 

30 + templates, swipe copy, and  PDFs. 

Recordings of all group and private coaching sessions.

Access to special surprise bonus trainings!

My most successful students spend an average of 1-1.5 hours a week on the content. That includes watching the 30-minute video lesson!

Much of what you'll learn with me can be applied and put into practice right away.

So paying attention and noticing things you do at work and home prove to be valuable lessons for you! 

We begin on Monday, August 2, 2021.  

The first video lesson will be available in your Content Library in Kajabi by 8 AM CDT/ 9 AM EDT.

You'll have access to a new video lesson and PDF worksheets in your Content Library every Monday for five months.

Each video runs about 30 minutes. You'll work at your own pace. 

Every fourth week is for catch-up,  implementation and live group coaching.


We'll meet as a group on Zoom for live coaching and hot seats.

Live coaching is on Wednesdays at 11 AM CDT/12 PM EDT.  

Aug. 18 - so you can get feedback and get in the hot seat with your short story. 

Aug. 25 - so you can get feedback and get in the hot seat with your longer story.

Sept. 15

Oct. 13

Nov. 10 

Dec. 8  

PLUS! You get 3 private 1:1  coaching sessions (30 minutes each). The first one is to set your goals for the program. Two additional sessions may be scheduled during the course of the program. 

All coaching calls are recorded in case you miss one. 

Conversations that Sell runs from Monday, August 2, 2021 through Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2021.  

(We'll skip Monday,  Sept. 6th in observance of Labor Day in the U.S. ) 

Established entrepreneurs and sales professionals have been using the Story Funnel System for years.

Here's the beauty of it: 

It works in any niche!  πŸ˜‚

I created the Story Funnel System when I opened my own business 21 years ago. I still use it today. 

And I've taught it to thousands of professionals from New Jersey to New Zealand.  

Scroll the many testimonials and social media  posts with rave reviews of 300-400% return on investment. 

Most of the people who have gone through my group coaching programs have invested heavily in themselves and their businesses with well-known online influencers.

Still, people tell me time and time again that they spent a fraction of the money with me and continue to reap lasting results for years in business growth and  personal development. 

My most successful clients do 2 things:

  1. They are in the content every step of the way.
  2. And they are coachable. 

Learn the Story Funnel System and apply it to your business.

It works in any industry and niche! 

No, and here's the reason why. This class - and Susan's teachings- are based on self-trust and confidence. It's about you being decisive and responsible about your business, personal, and professional development. 


We know everyone's busy and life happens. All Office Hours, coaching, hot seats, etc. will be recorded on Zoom. Links are shared with students within a few hours. 

Of course, it's best to attend live whenever possible. 

Susan is an award-winning visibility strategist and founder of Get in Front Communications, Inc. 

For 21 years, Susan has been teaching professionals and entrepreneurs how to tell their stories so they can communicate with confidence and clarity and close more clients.

A former radio news reporter and on-air anchor for 10 years, Susan has interviewed everyone from homeless people to presidents. She also worked as Deputy Director of New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman’s Office of Radio and Television, and was a PR director for a statewide nonprofit.

In addition, Susan is a certified practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming.

NLP is a model of communication, sales, psychology and business that's used by world leaders, politicians and top athletes to bridge communication gaps, create new habits for success and have more enriching and fulfilling relationships. 

A graduate of Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT, Susan has been honored for her broadcasting work by the Associated Press and the New Jersey Broadcasters Association.

She won the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award and is one of the ‘Top 75 Badass Women on Twitter.’

She facilitates Communication Nation on Facebook.

Susan and her husband have lived in San Antonio, Texas since 2006. They have a grown daughter and son.  


"Sales is more than just the technique, it's about the mindset. Sue has been incredibly effective at teaching our Master Mind partners how to avoid self-sabotage and achieve what you are really capable of. "

Nelson Griswold
President, NetGen Benefits

              About Susan Young

Susan is an award-winning Story +Sales Coach with 35 years of experience. in crafting effective communication. 
Raised in New Jersey, Susan  and her husband Andrew moved to San Antonio, Texas in 2006. They have two grown children, Stephanie and Danny.  
Her company, Get in Front Communications, provides online programs and coaching for experienced entrepreneurs who want to talk about their business so people will buy. 
Susan is a sought-after speaker and trainer. She is certified in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).  NLP teaches us how to reprogram old habits so we can communicate more effectively, enhance relationships, and live more fulfilling lives. 
Susan has been honored as “Entrepreneur of the Year” and is one of the ‘Top 75 Badass Women on Twitter.’

"I don't know where my business would be if we hadn't met 9 years ago. I didn't know what was possible until you showed me how to re-write and tell my story with energy. It's something each of us can control and it's really powerful. "

Ardith Rademacher
Construction Recruiter + Entrepreneur


$10,000 $9,500


βœ” Savings of $500! 

βœ” 18  video lessons 

βœ” 12 live group coaching and hot seats (1-hour each) 

βœ” 3 private 30-minute coaching sessions 

βœ” 30 templates, formulas, scripts, and copy 



6 monthly payments of $1583.30


βœ” Savings of $500! 

βœ” 18 video lessons 

βœ” 12 live group coaching and hot seats (1-hour each) 

βœ” 3 private 30-minute coaching sessions 

βœ” 30 templates, formulas, scripts, and copy


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