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Susan Young, Award-Winning Radio News Anchor + Publicist. 

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In this Training, you  will learn...

- The 3 things you MUST include in your Pitches to Podcasters + Reporters to get them to say YES to interviewing you as a subject matter expert.

- The simple secret to getting influencers to say "This is a fabulous story that I want to share!" when they read your pitch.

- My personal pitch mindset + alignment process for feeling confident and self-assured when contacting hard-to-reach influencers.

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Heidi Armstrong 

Working with Susan has empowered me, enabled me to find my voice and concisely communicate my story. I've been invited onto podcasts, was featured in 2 major market TV interviews and I've been asked to speak at live conferences with thousands of people. Susan has changed my life. Hire her so you can change yours, too! 

Allison DePaoli 

You gave me the confidence to talk about myself and the framework for marketing and sales. In just 2 months, my calls are more productive, email open rates are higher and I'm acquiring new clients quickly.

Michelle Palys

I am blown away with Susan's coaching and templates. Her experience as a reporter taught me what to include and what to leave out. Now people are paying attention and I'm not chasing any more! Hire Susan today!