Do you dream of being more visible, influential and known?

The media is looking for fresh faces, voices & juicy stories to share with their audiences.

YOU are the answer! Here's why...

Reporters constantly get irrelevant pitches that waste their time. Most professionals are puzzled about how the media works and what reporters + influencers want. 

90% of reporters prefer e-mail pitches, according to a study from Cision. Still, most folkhave no idea how to write a pitch that gets a response — and an interview. 

75% of consumers are actively avoiding advertising. People want "authentic & relatable voices," not paid advertising, reports PR firm Edelman. That's why nurturing relationships with reporters who cover your niche is essential.  

Some 60% of entrepreneurs feel like their paid Facebook ads are failing. A separate study found PR was 5 to 7 times more cost-effective than one-sided paid ads that are mostly ignored by consumers.  


MVP — The Most Valuable Pitch — is a Group Coaching Club. I'll show you how to get the media attention you're craving and attract new clients.

It's exclusively for:

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Speakers, Authors & Coaches

  • Business Leaders

  • Health & Wellness Trainers

  • Nonprofit Execs

  • Communications & Marketing Pros

  • Folks who want to be seen and heard

Inside the MVP Club, you'll train with a former reporter.

We begin on Monday, October 7, 2019. I'll hold your hand and teach you exactly what reporters and influencers want — so you can deliver it! No more crickets when sending blind email pitches. You'll get fast responses—and interviews that bring instant credibility and exciting opportunities. Each Monday through Nov. 11, we'll meet on Zoom. During the first 20 minutes, I'll teach you how to easily clean up your writing and quickly build a stellar reputation with reporters. Then we move into hot seat pitch reviews. I'll coach you with feedback so you get "unstuck." Pitch coaching shows you how to write SHORT, compelling and targeted pitches that bring you "free press." With an intimate group of only 10, there's learning, accountability & support. You'll walk away with pitches and templates you can use right now!

Pitching Your Niche

Get clarity on WHAT to pitch and WHO to pitch so more reporters + influencers will say YES! Plus..we'll have 2 private coaching sessions are included (value $500) 

Accessing My Fail-Proof Pitching Formula

I'll show you how to confidently prepare your pitch without feeling pushy. You'll be helping reporters, podcasters and video hosts while nurturing lasting connections. You'll quickly see the R-O-I!   

Landing BIG Interviews

You'll train with a former radio news reporter who is the master of sound bites. Learn how to prepare for interviews so you look and sound like a credible leader. Poised. Centered. Confident. 

Why Are Media Interviews Critical to Your Marketing and Business Success?

1. You're legit in the public's eye. 

People put you on a pedestal when a reporter thinks your story is SO important (3rd party validation) that you didn't have to pay to advertise. 

2. R-O-I bursts through the roof!   

In 2000, I started my business and quickly grew it to 6-figures... without spending a dime on ads. Like you, my resources were limited. I'd love for you to join us if you can. You'll have 1:1 access to me  and my shortcuts and proven strategies to reach your audience. And you'll be saving thousands  of precious dollars.   

3. You always have fresh marketing material to build credibility.

I'll share fun, easy and creative ways to use your interviews and humbly self-promote with online & traditional marketing. 

Week 1: Thinking Like a Reporter  

Monday, Oct. 7, 2019 

First, I'll lay the foundation with how the media decides whether to read your pitch—or delete it. I'll answer all your questions so you can stop wasting time and start creating a buzz. Together, we'll craft subject lines that FEEL authentic, not "salesy." Hot seat pitch reviews bring the clarity, confidence and concise wording you need to stand out. No more crickets! 

Week 2: Accessing My Templates 

Monday, Oct. 14, 2019
You'll have access to my proven e-mail pitch templates to gain instant credibility. You'll be fully prepared + pumped to engage with hard-to-reach reporters, busy bloggers and prominent podcasters. 

Week 3: Preparing to Pitch 

Monday, Oct. 21, 2019  

Stumped about what to include in your 1-pager that describes your business and offerings? I'll hold your hand and show you EXACTLY what to write and what to delete. You'll feel confident and prepared with all the right material ahead of time. Remember, there are weekly "office hours" ..and two private coaching sessions are included (value $500)

Week 4: Following Up with the Media  

Monday, Oct. 28, 2019  

Discover the delicate balance between being persistent or being a newsroom "pest." More hot seat pitch coaching, feedback and support so you know HOW and WHEN to follow-up. 

Week 5: Building Momentum     

Monday, Nov. 4, 2019  

One interview can quickly bring more interest from reporters and influencers. In our hot seat pitch reviews, we'll take a deep dive into the timing of your pitch...and the beautiful cascading effect of free press. 

Week 6: Being Everywhere   

Monday, Nov. 11, 2019   

My 15-point Visibility Roadmap gives you the perfect blend of print, radio and TV interviews AND online channels so you can truly grow your reach. You'll have an actionable plan and all the formulas necessary to feel confident, intentional and empowered to communicate your message to the world! 





Includes 2 private coaching sessions, weekly office hours for Q&A, templates, worksheets, checklists and exclusive videos! 

Space is limited to 10 people; join the MVP Club now to save your spot.

"Absolutely pivotal!"

Diana Delgado
Holistic entrepreneur

Meet Your Instructor, Susan Young

I'm a former news reporter sharing 30+ years of media secrets with professionals like you. In just 6 weeks, you'll know the exact language to use when writing your press releases and email pitches—even if you're a "non-writer." In our safe and supportive MVP group coaching club, I'll hold your hand as we clarify and simplify your writing and messages. You'll have access to my proven email pitch templates AND secrets + shortcuts for landing interviews with well-known editors, reporters, podcasters and bloggers. I'll also help you prepare for interviews so you get invited back and become a trusted resource! Clients have told me for years that I'm "the real deal." (See Heidi's video testimonial below). Let's do it!





"Simply delivered, understandable, efficient, practical and easy-to- implement."

Daria Messina

"Working with Susan has completely changed my confidence and how to explain what I do. Whether you're working with Susan one-on-one or in a group, you'll be so grateful for the transformation in your life. "

Heidi Armstrong





Watch How Susan's Coaching Transforms!

Susan will hold your hand and show you how to fix your pitches so you get media attention! Listen to Heidi Armstrong's experience with Susan's coaching.






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