Be Proactive. Protect Your Organization.  


This isn't about panicking.

It's about being proactive. Preparing.  

A former news reporter gives you the 10-point framework that's essential in protecting your brand, reputation, and revenue.

The world has been "on hold" for months. Many organizations simply won't recover.    

If your crisis communications plan is collecting dust...or you don't have one, get this free Crisis Media Guide now. 

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Susan Young 

Award-Winning News Reporter.

Visibility Strategist.

30 Years of Trust + Experience. 

Susan is an award-winning radio news reporter, on-air anchor and news director. For 10 years, she worked in the New Jersey/New York media of the most competitive in the U.S.

She has interviewed everyone from homeless people to presidents.

Susan has been a trusted media advisor and consultant to governors, elected officials, non-profit leaders, association executives, community and civic groups, businesses, attorneys, and entrepreneuers. 

Susan is a frequent speaker on crisis media, messaging, storytelling, leadership,  interview prep, and body language. 

She has been honored by the Associated Press and the New Jersey Broadcasters Association.

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