Stuck for Content?

In this 30-minute video training, you'll walk away with a never-ending pipeline of topics for all of your social media platforms!

You will learn:

  • How non-writers easily create valuable content
  • The best ways to share outstanding content without being pushy or "salesy"
  • How to write headlines that keep people glued to your content  
  • 7 ways to re-purpose content for videos + visual platforms
  • How to use a content calendar (provided!) to strategically plan your posts--and show up consistently 
  • The 4 kinds of content that skyrockets your credibility 
  • The secret to being seen as a leader in your field 
  • 75 topics you can use immediately for any niche  
  • Susan's proven system to creating 30 topics in 30 minutes (#30/30 guide) 
  • How to quickly identify hot-button issues in your field that you may be missing 
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Custom Content Calendar 

Plan your content month-by-month with weekly themes and daily posts that are intentional so you can build a community of loyal followers, prospects and clients.  

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75 Topics for Right Now! 

Susan gives you 75 fresh and timely topics for any niche.  Your audience will see you as a personable and trusted leader!

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