Your Story Is Right Under Your Nose

Are you busy scrambling to figure out how much to share, what to say, and how to reach your prospects?

Well, all the stories you need are right here… right now.

They’re literally under your nose. Let me share a quick story with you as an example.

One of my clients is working with me to 🎯 get clarity on her message.🎯

She’s hyper-focused on sharing the “right” story so she can attract dream clients who will love her new offerings and enroll in them.

So, on a recent coaching call, we hopped on Zoom and exchanged some pleasantries.

And she shared that the past week had been off-the-charts stressful.

Her college-age, athletic son had suddenly become really sick and needed two emergency surgeries.

She had been traveling and told me the remarkable story of her flight back home to her family.

Serendipitously, she found herself seated next to a pastor’s wife who offered comfort and conversation.

Both women were super grateful for the encounter. She walked off the plane feeling supported and much less stressed.

So here we are back on our coaching call.

My client tells me she specifically wants to re-engage with a list of 70 people.

They gave her permission to text them with updates and content months ago.

But time ⏲ had passed.

The dang pandemic and social issues stole her energy…and here she was months later having not contacted them.

She didn’t know what to do.

She felt she missed the opportunity.

She didn’t know what to say to reconnect with them.

Our talk around content strategy was peppered with her negative self-talk:

• Crap that too much time had passed.

• Crap that the 70 warm leads wouldn’t even remember her, let alone want to do business.

• Crap that the 70 would quickly unsubscribe and ghost her.

Until our coaching call, she had compartmentalized her content marketing and the conversation with the pastor’s wife on the plane.

But when I heard the story about the pastor’s wife, my story radar went off the charts. πŸ™Œ

I excitedly showed her how she could use the airplane story to reconnect with her text list of 70 people who were waiting to hear from her. (Can you tell this is my Superpower and jam??!!) πŸ˜‚

As I explained how she could share the story without even having to write anything—with a quick video—I watched her face brighten.

I saw her energy come alive. I witnessed a sense of relief flood her system.

And she said: “Wow, this is soooo good! The funny thing is the sun just came out.”

She paused and looked toward the window. “So, it’s just a matter of tying it all together.” she said.

“I wish I could just have you by my side for all of this content.”

🧨Bang! 🧨

Yes, she clearly had appreciation for me showing her the magic of how and when to share a fabulous story.

Still, the conversation reminds me that almost all of my clients these past 21 years have said nearly the same thing to me.

πŸ™„“I had no idea this was a story. It’s my story and it’s been here the whole time.” 

Interesting and heartfelt stories that people (and the media!) want to hear are right under your nose.

The stories you share don’t need to be the perfect stories.

They can be simple. Just like the one I shared with you… and the one I helped my client rediscover.

Oftentimes, they’re right under your nose. And all you have to do is open your eyes and use them.

Rediscovering your story is at the heart of my new Conversations that Sell program.

First, I (gently) show you how to clear your internal blocks around sharing your story.

Then, we work together on the short and longer versions of your story so that you can tell it with confidence and clarity; no rambling.

And, I’ll show you how to pitch podcasters and reporters so that you can talk about yourself in an easy and personable way.

You'll quickly have the respect and credibility you’ve been craving.

Conversations that Sell is for entrepreneurs who want to finally own their stories. You know, the one that’s right under your nose.😎

Check it out with this link and grab the early-bird rates before July 22nd. 


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