Your Big Wins Don't Matter; This Is the Story Prospects Really Want to Hear

There’s long been hype about thinking big and dreaming big.

You know the adage, shoot for the moon. If you miss, you’ll hit the stars.

That’s lovely and inspiring.

But, it doesn't work for entrepreneurs who want more visibility and clients.

Here’s why.

People don't care much about the “big” events in our lives.

The graduations, certifications, weddings, or other "moon and stars" milestones.

Formal events tend to feel staged and predictable.

They're boring.

Same for our introductions, stories, and "About Me" pages.

If they are filled with milestones, people lose interest.

Look, prospects will get to your qualifications.

First, though, you've gotta show up real and relatable.

Like a human being who is easy to connect with.

That's why successful speakers and entrepreneurs pay close attention to ordinary (smaller) moments.

The gold in your story is the seemingly mundane smaller things in life that have deeply affected you.

Ordinary moments often morph into "extra-ordinary" stories.

It’s our job as entrepreneurs and coaches to frame them in a way that impacts others.

Here's what I mean.

In a recent Mastermind presentation I gave, a nutritionist volunteered for hot seat coaching.

We dug into the “About Me” page of her website. She knew the narrative was long and disjointed.

In it, she talked about farming crops with her grandma as a child in South America. She mentioned an unspeakable family tragedy. She talked about her education.

So, here’s what I shared with the nutritionist who wants to be more relatable so she can keep people's attention.

The crops and grandma pieces are precious memories for this woman growing up.

She can simply say:

Working the crops with grandma as a teenager has helped nourish my soul and business. Today, I’m a nutritionist who teaches people about food and health.

😂 Bang! Clear, concise and a logical flow of her life story.

Plus, the nutritionist can use this new version for her signature talk in presentations and interviews. (Her face and energy lit up in front of the group!)

Knowing what to include and what to leave out is everything.

Your story has got to resonate with prospects.

Give people a closer look at who you are and how you've reached this moment.

So the challenge is...

  • How do you figure out your defining moment?
  • How can you invite people into your story so they’ll want to work with you?
  • How can you use your experience so that it’s the foundation of your signature talk?

If you’re struggling with how to pull this all together, no worries.

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