You Have Ideas – but You Believe You Have 'No Idea Where to Start'

Entrepreneurs are rarely short on ideas. 

And then we tell ourselves: I have no idea where to start.  😢

Let's ban the phrase, I have no idea where to start. 

It’s a familiar and comfortable narrative that has you brainwashed into believing you're stuck.

I’m calling you out on this BS because your internal story is blocking your business growth.💰 

You insist you're clueless and instead focus on external messaging like ad copy, SEO, and email automation.

Here's the thing. 

🎇Your internal messaging is more important than anything else.

Because marketing rarely works when your internal story keeps hammering that you have no idea what to do.

Our words create our worlds. 🌎

 And our communication is “an inside job” that no SEO guru can tweak. 

When you start with Step 1 and commit to cleaning up your internal story, you'll have: 

 🎯Qualified leads and decision-makers joining your list and community. 

 🎯People who love engaging and sharing your content, so you have more visibility.

You become a beacon of light on the noisy interwebby because you’re aligned from the inside out. 

No one buys from a desperate person.  👀

People sense a disconnect when something’s off. Isn't it time to shut down your internal crud??? 

💥The best news is that you already have what you need...a functioning brain!  

 You have the power right now to quiet the confusion.  

📢 You can brainwash yourself with energizing self-talk so your business can grow. 

Look, I get it. 

Years ago, I was wracking my brain to hire a bookkeeper. I interviewed people who came highly recommended. 

No one worked out. 

I was beyond frustrated and constantly thinking about my predicament.

Every day I walked the same hallway in my office building. 

And for over a year, I never noticed the plaque on my neighbor's door: Mark Kane, CPA. 🤷♀️

I was so flipping focused on being stuck that I was blind to the solution right in front of me.  

So, if you’re living the “I have no idea where to start” drama, here’s a newsflash.

Your solution is right in front of you with Story Magnets.🧲

It's just like my experience with Mark the CPA (He became my accountant for years!) 

Story Magnets is a 6-week group coaching program based on “inside out storytelling.”

Students over the years LOVE this approach because it brings fast results!  Scroll the rave reviews 

 ✔First, I show you how to silence your limiting beliefs and reprogram your brain for success. Then you stop repelling prospects.

Clearing out the foundational blocks is a huge relief! 

✔After that, we write your 30-second introduction and a longer version of your story.

You can use these on the About Me page of your website and when someone says: Tell me about yourself. 

No more winging your introduction because you "don't know where to start." 👍

✔Story Magnets also teaches you how to powerfully use your voice and body language. You’ll feel self-assured talking about your business so that people buy from you.  

 ✔We wrap things up with dozens of ways for you to get more online visibility in a humble and heartfelt way. 

 ✔There are live coaching and hot seats, plus other bonuses. 

Story Magnets is here for you right now. 🧲

You know exactly where to start. This is it.  

 Use this link and join us; we start on April 18th.  


Story Magnets:
How to Talk About Your Business So Dream Clients Buy From You

A 6-week online group training for experienced entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, and consultants