You Don't Need a Good Sales Pitch to Land Big Clients. You Just Need This.

Celebrating my INCREDIBLE client John Woods who is adding $250,000 in new business over the next 12 months (a 400% ROI) during the Pandemic while using my Story Funnel System!

And that’s only for part of his business!


John and I met when I was the keynote speaker at a Mastermind coaching program he was in.

Even though my presentation was online, John and I were able to connect quickly.

Yes, he was already enrolled in a high-level and high-priced business coaching program.

Still, something was missing around his message and mindset that kept him from reaching his true potential as an entrepreneur.

When the virus hit 18 months ago, John knew it was finally time to clean up his messaging and communication so he could speak confidently with corporate CFOs and close more clients.

John signed up for private coaching with me and renewed his contract more than once!

Then John made a huge commitment to himself and his insurance firm. In May, John enrolled in my group coaching program, called Evolve, Lead, Succeed.

He ROCKED our sessions, where I showed him how to re-write his internal story so he could get out of his own way... and out of his own head.

I showed John how to envision and see himself in a new way. And how to create a new habit for success.

🎯🎯How to stop selling and simply have a conversation. 🎯🎯

Then, I showed John the nuances and small details in his communication and mindset that had been holding him back.

John and the others in the group learned my Story Funnel System. I started using it 21 years ago and grew into a multiple 6-figure company in under 3 years without technology, a budget, or staff. #organic

I taught John about vocal vitality and how to speak with the right energy, magnetism, and enthusiasm that led to deeper relationships with his ideal clients.

John was so floored by the skillset I taught around Neurolinguistic Programming (#NLP) and mindset (he calls it “refreshing…no therapy involved!)…and he began seeing more of the results he wanted.

πŸ’²He just closed a $60,000 contract –a 400% Return on Investment!

πŸ’²His income will double through January 2023, and that’s only for the group health insurance part of his business.

πŸ’²He told me recently: "I'm now 100% confident I can compete with anyone in my field.”

John knows the importance of being bold and decisive. This new mindset around NLP and communication is about rewiring your subconscious mind, it’s not something you learn overnight, he told me.

“The sooner you start, the sooner you finish and can apply it. Your program isn’t just marketing or one thing, it’s how we look at the world and how to make yourself better. It’s invaluable and something I can use forever.”

And...John—married with 2 “adulting” daughters—says the Christmas tree will be “fuller” this year! 🎁🎁

One of the things I love the MOST about John is that he had hesitations about spending more money when he wasn't bringing in new clients…

But through our work together, John saw a better version of himself and his business.

He discovered he could not only compete with bigger companies and close the contracts but ALSO feel so much more confident and relaxed for his family.

No more stressing that money is tight as he hits the ski slopes with his daughter!

The days of John second guessing himself and feeling nervous about his own story and prospecting are over.

I taught him how to switch his mindset, get laser-focused on prospects, and infuse storytelling into his conversations. Now, he loves that his tone, energy, and self-esteem are finally in alignment with his message!

I'm so happy that John got over his fears and excuses, and I love seeing him continuously drop the self-doubt, serve more people, and increase his revenue!

It gives me such satisfaction to see things going so well for John, the relief he has at home as well as with helping so many new clients!

I can't wait to see what John Woods creates in 2022!!

How about you?

Ready for some big changes?πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

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