Why You Shouldn't Be Exhibiting at Conferences

Remember wallpaper? 

It was a "thing" back in the day. 

And people would say: "Don't blend in with the wallpaper."

🎯Translation: Stand out, get noticed, and be visible.

Don't be a wallflower. 

Blending in makes us feel invisible, ordinary, and maybe even dull.

It repels people and opportunities. It happens every day online. 

And at conferences. Most people don't seem to mind blending in at industry events.  

This week, I saw a few people I know posting pictures of themselves exhibiting at a trade expo. 

Some of the posts were from past coaching clients. 

They are REALLY good at what they do.

They know their sh*t.

They work hard and often exceed their goals. 

Why spend time in a booth when you could speak at a workshop down the hall?

To a captive audience who wants to learn from you. And maybe hire you.

Do you see yourself in an endless row of vendors trying to muster up conversations while handing out candy and magnets?  🤦♀️

Why are smart and creative leaders OK with blending in with the wallpaper on an exhibit floor? 

Look, maybe the person scheduled to handle the booth had an emergency. I get it.

This is not about judging.

And I am not bashing trade shows and sponsors. ◀

I AM nudging leaders to step up. 

I see this all the time when I speak at conferences

🌟Is it time for you to think more of yourself? 

🌟To think bigger? 

🌟To move from the remarkably unremarkable booth to the podium? 

That's where leaders belong. 


Not blending in with the wallpaper. 


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