Why 'Scratching the Surface'​ with Content Keeps You From Making a Bigger Impact

If we took our own advice, the world would be a very different place.

I was finishing a post about our willingness to stare down the truth and "go there."

To go deep and say what truly needs to be said.

Scratching the surface helps no one.

I was ready to hit PUBLISH, but something happened.

I threw up a little in my mouth.

Lots of words that scratch the Sue Young surface.

Even the Grammarly app I use deemed the engagement as “Bland.”


So I followed my own advice to "go there." 👀

This is the real deal, Take 2.

I'm days away from finishing a year-long Mastermind program.

I'm a firm believer in learning from people who are 5-10 steps ahead of me.

To do this, I plunked down $30,000 to join Emily's Mastermind.

And I'm not even close to reaching my business goals. 🤔

Surprisingly, I am OK with this.

Because Emily's group turned me upside down and inside out. Not so much as an entrepreneur but as a human being.

As the program wraps up, I’ve done a lot of reflecting.

I'm a “list person” and a 1/3 Manifesting Generator who looks for themes. 😎

So naturally, I ran for my journal and compiled 40 “lessons learned” from the Mastermind.

Things like...

💎Shadow work, healing my inner child, and self-love

💎 Human Design and patterns around my decision-making and habits

💎 The Vagus nerve that freaks us out around money

💎 New copywriting techniques and market research

💎 Letting go of my past –even though I've explored this in therapy, Satsang, and other healing journeys

These days, I “feel into my body” and breathe because I’m tuned into energetics and vibration. I trust myself more.

Not gonna lie here. I’m almost laughing out loud as I type these words. Who is this???⚡

Sometimes I don’t recognize this woman. But I like her.

And I’m good with that.

The Mastermind exposed my deepest emotions and vulnerability from the day it started.

Ya see the Zoom kickoff session for the group was on June 2, 2021.

Hours before, my 24-year-old niece passed away unexpectedly.

Lindsey's death has left me ripped, stripped, raw, and beyond heartbroken. 💔

My family, the hardcore Brooklyn “we don’t talk about our feelings” peeps, are all in therapy. We had to “go there” because the sadness is gut-wrenching.

And seeing my parents, 90 and 87-years-old as they both navigate cancer, is too much to bear.

So in the snap of a finger, the business Mastermind became my garden of healing. 🌻

It was impossible to separate work and personal.

No one could have expected this, yet here I was.

There were complete strangers who taught me about finding strength in vulnerability.

They allowed me to (awkwardly) cry an endless river of tears during my family's darkest hour.

I learned what “holding space” really meant.

This wasn't what they had signed on for, but they always showed up for me.

I’m not sure if these 12 women know the role they have played in my healing.

To Emily and the others in the group, I am forever grateful. 🙏🙏

And just to let you know, the list of takeaways in my journal has some smudged ink.

The words on the page were drowned by my tears as I reflected on the Mastermind.

Here’s the bottom line. I was searching for support in growing my business. And, in the end, I found shattered pieces of my broken self.

It’s getting easier for me to share this version of the Sue Young story.

It is reframed with every conversation, therapy session, and cry.

Lindsey’s death forced me to “go there” in a way I never could have imagined.

I ask you: Are you willing to “go there” with your journey, story, and experiences? 👀

So many people tell me they want to use their voices so they can have a bigger impact on the world.

From my experience, the best way to impact someone else is to give yourself permission to be audacious and “go there.”

To be comfortable talking about the smudged ink in the journal.

Take people there. 🥇 

If you want to explore this together and "go there" so that you can amplify your voice and have a bigger impact, click here for a free Story Power Session. 


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