5 Ways to Overcome Writer's Block

Content often confuses non-writers. However, it doesn’t have to be an energy drain.

Content also has the power to grow your community. And regular posts that are valuable and timely keep you in front of your community. Content grows your tribe. It grows your business and moves you closer to achieving your professional and personal goals.

Think of content as your bank account.   

Let’s get past the confusion and angst that countless business owners endure when trying to generate ideas. Let’s make things easy. Remember, even seasoned marketers and bloggers get stuck occasionally.


No one expects you to be a professional writer so take the pressure off of yourself! You have plenty of knowledge hat potential customers need and want from you. All we have to do is get it out of your head…I promise it won’t hurt!

Here are five ways to overcome writer’s block:

1. Write a “Top 10” post. Listen in on a webinar that features an influencer in your niche. Record it and take some notes so you can compile a list of takeaways for people who missed it. Be sure to credit the source with a live link. Here’s an example.  

2. Interview someone. Connect with a popular blogger, public figure or influencer in your industry. Ask them to be your guest on a Facebook Live or Zoom interview. Jot down 5-10 questions and talking points to keep the conversation moving. Then transcribe the interview and use it as a written blog post. If you’re still getting comfortable with video, ask your guest to do a phone interview. Use a free conference call service so you can record the call. (Be sure to tell your guest they are being recorded before you start the interview!) Then, use a simple Q&A format for your post.  

3. Become “Life’s Little Observer.” Be curious. Search hashtags related to your ideal customer and niche. Maximize “social listening” by eavesdropping on chats and monitoring Facebook and LinkedIn groups. What’s the buzz today or this week? Is there an event happening in your community or online? Pay attention to current events and competitor’s blogs. We all have the same resources and technology. The key is to be resourceful.

 4. Repurpose old content. Have you given a presentation at a local business meeting or conference? Do you have a PowerPoint slide deck? Have you recorded some videos or done a Facebook Live? This is an example:  if you have a PowerPoint deck, transform it into a written post or a two-minute “how-to” video.  Maybe you have an older post that had a lot of engagement. Dust it off, make a few tweaks, freshen it up with a current statistic and headline and you’re set.

5. Browse newspapers from other cities. If you’re in Tampa, visit the website of newspapers and business journals in Boston, San Diego and Chicago. Some of their recent stories and features may stir your creative juices and help you discover a fresh angle or topic for your business.  

When you consistently deliver helpful, relevant and timely information on social media, you are subtly marketing your organization, skills and expertise. Yes, it’s called content marketing. I like to think of it as “selling your knowledge.”



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