Tired of Low Productivity and Miscommunication? Do This.

Work with a sense of urgency.

High achievers do it all the time. 

What about having a sense of urgency to improve communication skills? 

Not technology tools. I'm talking about interpersonal relationships. 

There's been a flurry of posts and infographics about communication in today's workplace.

The suggestions include: 

  • Don't complain
  • Be assertive and empathetic 
  • Be a team player 

These recommendations are covered in cobwebs and dust. 

🤪Hello, 2023. 

Too many industries work with a sense of urgency around technology and equipment.

But problems arise when human communication is not a priority.  

Most employees don't know the new brain science and psychology behind our communication. 

Yes, there are legit concerns about people skills. 

First, though, we must have high levels of self-awareness. 

Internal communication and narratives have to shift. As you clear out limiting beliefs, interacting with others is much easier. 

Deep listening (not active listening) is an essential skill in today's distracted world.


  • Improves productivity
  • Bridges communication gaps
  • Invites curiosity and critical thinking

Of course, processes and projects are priorities in most businesses.   

Where's the sense of urgency around the humans on your team?

They develop systems and manage projects. 

And they are just as frustrated as their managers when unnecessary conflicts keep popping up.

We know communication breakdowns slow productivity and collaboration.  

Would you use a Palm Pilot from 1994 to organize your biggest client project today? Of course not.

How strong is the need to catch up and access new communication tools? 

It takes a willingness to look at habits and behaviors that bring growth. Professionally and personally. 

It's about introspection. 

▶️The communication lens you've been looking through could be your blind spot. ◀️

If this resonates, drop me a note. It's all about a fresh perspective.


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