The Secret to Getting Reporters to Notice You—and Give You Free Publicity

A magazine reporter, Rasheeda, emailed me to request an interview.

✨No pitching.

✨No press releases.

✨No chasing.

Rasheeda—who writes about nonprofit associations—contacted me late Monday.


After exchanging four quick emails, we had the logistics down and the phone interview confirmed for Tuesday morning. 

That’s it.

🎯It can be this easy.

How did Rasheeda find me?

I had been showing up and offering free resources and value in a group we both belong to (not on Facebook😊)

😎Rasheeda was watching.

That was in early 2020.

She first contacted me in March, 2020 when the pandemic hit.🌎

Rasheeda was interviewing a few PR people about the importance of nonprofits having crisis communication plans.

She had seen my posts and poked around my website.

The article ran, I thanked her and that was it.

🤣Within just three months of Rasheeda’s first article being published, I got…

  • 5 paid speaking engagements 
  • 200+ people added to my email marketing list👈
  • 1 new invitation to be a subject matter expert in a competing association magazine

And I’ve used the magazine logo in my online marketing. And 2021 kicks off with another interview that brings:  

🎉Instant credibility. 

📢Consistent ripples of visibility lead to exciting new opportunities, connections, and clients.

This is what I teach entrepreneurs and association leaders alike.  

How to be seen as a subject matter expert so you have reporters (and podcasters) eating out of your hands.

Reporters come to you. 

☑You don’t have to chase or convince them.

They trust that you know your stuff because they’ve consistently seen you in action.

They are watching. 

So all you have to do is respond and deliver. 

💠The best part is that it's so dang easy because you are talking about all the things you love! 💠

The topic that excites you, lights you up and fulfills you.

And like me, your Rasheeda will find you.

You don't have to pitch, write press releases or chase the media. 

Your Rasheeda is watching.

Will you be the subject matter expert she reaches out to or will it be your competition? 🤔

Be proactive.

Be consistent.

Be willing to learn how to be the go-to expert in your industry with exciting opportunities that fall easily and effortlessly right into your lap so you can close more contracts.   

If you want to learn how you can attract these exciting opportunities like I teach to my clients...Click here to schedule a short phone call (No Zoom--promise!) and we'll talk strategyRemember, I was a reporter and publicist and I'm sharing the inside news industry secrets :)  


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