The 1 Trait You Need to Close More Sales

In elementary school, most of the girls I knew were told they “talk too much in class.”

Both of my sisters got those lovely comments on their report cards from time to time.

Not me.

I was a roamer.

I didn’t talk all that much; I wanted out. Out of whatever classroom I was in.


I have insatiable curiosity.

I saw myself as “life’s little observer.”

 I always sensed that something interesting was happening…somewhere else.

And I was hell-bent on finding out where it was, who was involved, how things were playing out, and even why.

My modus operandi was simple. Ask for a bathroom pass or volunteer to deliver something to the library, office, or anywhere.

And get the hell out.

I felt like Maya Angelou’s “caged bird” trapped in Mrs. Rosenthal’s 3rd-grade classroom.

Of course, the tall people in charge at Woodbrook Elementary School –and my parents—weren’t keen on this roaming thing. (Wasn't I a cutey!!?? 5th grade at Woodbrook) 

They didn’t see my exploring as a way of learning.

They didn’t appreciate my inquisitiveness, imagination, and creativity.

They didn't see me as "life's little observer."

To them, I was a rule breaker who needed to be kept busy.

Busy doing what??!!! What could possibly be more exciting than exploring, watching, and learning? 

I have yet to figure that one out because curiosity is a desire to learn more.

My desire to connect with others stayed with me into junior and senior high school in the mid-1970s.   

I added a new tool to my curiosity toolbox.

I’d sneak a handheld AM transistor radio into school.  I'd get my “fix” of hearing the weather, traffic, and news of the day on WABC or WNBC in New York City.

It reassured me that there was life beyond the stuffy classrooms..

There had to be more to the world than a choir assembly, morning announcements, and a Social Studies quiz. Remember those days?

💥The most valuable lesson I learned in school that I apply to my businessand you can, toois this:  When you use curiosity in a strategic way that aligns with your goals, you blow the doors off of your sales.💥

Curiosity is one of my favorite qualities. Strategic curiosity is my superpower.

It has fueled my 35-year career in radio news, public speaking, and communications.

Curiosity gets us thinking and feeling.

It allows us to explore and learn, to view different situations more creatively. It opens our hearts and minds.

Curious people ask quality questions so that you get quality information.

It requires deep listening skills. If you don’t feel curious by nature, don't worry. It's a skill that I❤❤ looove ❤❤ talking about and teaching. Because curiosity is at the root of business storytelling and sales.

Look, you may not have been a “roamer” like me.

Still, if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve gotta know about strategic curiosity. It’s using the power of curiousness to fuel motivation while achieving strategic goals. It’s about how to sell. How to uncover your prospects' true pain points by simply asking quality questions.

Not in a pushy awkward way but by being friendly, inquisitive, and casual. 

And, you’ve gotta know how to share your story in an easy and interesting style to pique someone’s interest.

To make them curious.

To move the conversation forward.

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