Nobody’s Talking at the Airport—and That’s a Problem

I flew from Texas to New Jersey a few days ago.
I saw really long, beautiful lines at the airports.
Lines to check bags.
Lines to get through security.
Lines to buy food.
Certainly, a lovely sight as we emerge from the Pandemic.
Still, one thing really frightened me.
Even with the big crowds, the noise levels were incredibly low.
There wasn’t much chatter.
Or small talk.
Everyone was keeping to themselves.
Everyone was plugged into technology with earbuds that kept them closed off from the real-life experience of being out with other human beings.
And it’s not just at the airport.
It’s everywhere…the store, restaurants, the gym.
Our faces are in our phones.
Our brains are distracted and somewhere else.
Our earbuds turn us inward and keep us stuck in our own heads. In podcasts, in music.
Away from people.
Away from conversations, connections, and sharing stories.
It’s often easier to stay in your own head, separated from strangers.
👀There’s no pressure to listen to other people.
👀No pressure to share a good story.
👀No pressure to get genuinely curious about someone else.
But the price that we pay for staying plugged in rather than fully present is a big one.
We miss the opportunity to share a story or anecdote. We miss the opportunity to connect.
To ask good questions and truly listen.
To simply enjoy another person’s company.
To communicate on a deeper level.
💥Here’s the bottom line:
The people who unplug have a distinct edge over those who shut out the world.◀
Unplugged people have an easier time talking with others (yes, even with strangers they’ll probably never see again.)
Unplugged people have an easier time talking about themselves, sharing their story, and generating interest in their projects.
Unplugged people have an easier time noticing the “little things” that enhance our lives because they don’t miss small intriguing details.
Unplugged people have an easier time being attentive to others.
And if you’re in business I know it can be hard to unplug.
But the rewards are worth it.
Because every person you don’t talk to is a missed opportunity for generating a new client.
So, if you’re feeling like your communication is “off’…try keeping your earbuds out for a day, or even a week.
You’ll notice a shift in your communication. Maybe in your humanity. And definitely in your business.

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