Stories Are Your Marketing Strategy

The highest-paid people in the room are exceptional storytellers.

 That’s because stories connect us emotionally as human beings. 

 And people who know how to capture the essence of a good story become marketing machines.

πŸ™No weirdo sales pitches or presentations.

πŸ™No chasing.

πŸ™No worrying about the economy.

πŸ™Or having that hard talk with your partner or kids that the holidays will be lame cause money is tight. 

When you skillfully use stories in business, there are no weirdo sales pitches. Instead, you have easy, friendly, and heartfelt conversations that convert. 

You’re gold. πŸ₯‡

You have sustainable business growth with new clients who are exciting to work with. 

Look, storytelling isn’t a fad that’s going out of style anytime soon.

There IS a place for it in business.

I remember being told for years that emotions don’t belong in the workplace.

That ship has sailed.🚒

And that’s where stories come in. 

So how would you use a story when networking online or in person? 

  • You know the precise point that will be crystal clear and relevant to prospects 
  • Your message connects the dots between your ideal clients and your expertise 
  • You have just the right words that touch a deep emotional level (even though it’s business)
  • You know what to include and what to leave out
  • Your prospects feel heard because you’ve shown them through your story that you “get them” 

The result: You are the exceptional storyteller and the highest-paid person in the room.

You re-read the first sentence in this post and something clicks because you KNOW it’s your time to shine. 

I’ll leave you with this: My client, Michelle Flemmings, got all kinds of giddy when this clicked for her.

😍She said: What was I waiting for?? It makes so much sense. And now leadership is asking for my opinion. They invite me to speak at town hall meetings. Now I have their ear…and respect. 

If you’re feeling the nudge to use stories more strategically so you can grow your business, let’s talk. Apply for a free Story Power Strategy Session here. 



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