How to Stop Wasting Time on Sales Calls β€” and Still Make 6 Figures

No one-off sales or discovery calls. No weird scripts or pitches. No “pick your brain” peeps who won't hire you anyway.    

I’ve had these calls before too. You know, first, you meditate, rock out to a favorite song to get energized (Bruce Springsteen’s Thunder Road for me), recite mantras…blah blah blah. 

What if instead of talking with one prospect at a time, you could speak to 20 prospects…or 200?

And they're all warm leads coming to YOU at one time. #Stopthechase 

Sweet, right? 

🎯This is the business and marketing strategy of successful (paid) speakers. 

  • It’s what I learned in 2000 when I started my PR company and joined the National Speakers Association. 
  • It’s what I’ve been teaching to entrepreneurs, coaches, and business leaders for years.
  • It's the business of speaking.
  • It's a sales funnel before I knew what a sales funnel was. 

Here’s how it works. 

When you’re a speaker (paid or volunteer)…you have a captive audience so there’s no chasing unqualified leads. 

Instead, an event organizer or HR exec handles the legwork and logistics.

Your job is to show up  in person or online — and talk about what you already know

The people listening want to hear your topic. They’ve probably seen your bio, website, or social media before you even open your mouth. 

It beats knocking on doors, cold calling (!!), or cringe-worthy DMs. πŸ™

Almost every single time I've presented, I have gotten paid clients or referrals. (Rinse and repeat).

A lot of them. Before social media. 

πŸ”₯Most have been years-long consulting clients that brought in more than $300k.πŸ”₯

If I hadn't been speaking, our paths wouldn't have crossed. 

How did we grow to multiple 6 figures without technology?

I was willing to use my voice in a way I could never have imagined. 

Now you may be thinking…Bulls**t, she was on the flippin' radio for 10 years; this strategy won’t work for me. 


I had to learn the business of speaking while being a new entrepreneur.πŸ”‘

Speaking is a different animal than radio. 

On the radio, I didn't have eyeballs staring back at me. And every word was written in advance. Plus, I didn’t have to worry about body language. 

Ya see I was willing to be incompetent for a bit. But, I also committed to learning and the speakers association. 

So, if you feel like speaking is a marketing and lead gen strategy you want to explore, take me up on this invitation. (By the way, sales professionals do this too; it's not exclusive to entrepreneurs and coaches.)

I’m teaching a free, live class on Wed., Oct. 19th at 1:00 PM CDT.

Carve out just 90 minutes and I’ll show you how to find the right contacts who can book you to speak. Details for the training are here, so take a look and save your seat. 


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