Still Unsure About Your Messaging?

I keep hearing people talking about their coaches—business, marketing, Mastermind groups, sales…on and on. “I’m working on my online presence and SEO…” and “I’ve got accountability partners in my sales coaching…” and “I’m in a high-level group with ---"  

If you’ve been working with coaches either privately or in groups, I wanna let you in on a little secret.  


Actually, it's not a little secret- it's a HUGE secret that will make ALL the difference when it comes to your ability to get amazing, like-minded ideal clients excited to invest with you.

The secret is: You don’t need more Instagram posts or lead gen to grow your business and live your dream life. YOU are the message and you're likely repelling prospects and it has nothing to do with your posts OR the quality of your leads. 

Here's the deal:

The key to PREVENTING confusing stories all together is having a super clear picture of YOU because YOU ARE THE MESSAGE. 😨 Are prospects willing to go along with you if you’re doubting  --or even hating on yourself???  

This means, that when you are speaking with a potential client or posting online, you are super clear, have the ability to connect the dots between your story and their desires AND you know the psychology and inter-relationship between thought, language and behavior so that your ideal clients can’t help but say YES!  (even if it’s a stretch for them financially!)  

The problem is, *most* coaches and sales professionals are confusing potential clients without realizing it, and this unfortunately always leads to objections, and ultimately a "not right now" result, even from potential clients who love you, appreciate your story and are your biggest fan.  

So, what do you actually do then, to fix your story, online profiles and posts, sales pitches (ugh!) and make them enticing and seductive to your potential clients?

Well, it's far more than I could possibly teach you in an email (not to mention it wouldn't be super effective), but it IS a central part of what we do in my video trainings and coaching programs.

It’s called Neurolinguistic Programming, or NLP…and don’t let the scientific name scare you!  

NLP is the missing piece that most folks (especially entrepreneurs) are missing. I teach NLP and have been using it myself in my professional and personal life for 22 years.

In a nutshell, 🥜NLP blends business, sales, communication and psychology so that you create deeper, more meaningful stories, relationships, and experiences…without feeling like it’s a struggle or you are “talking past” one another.  

Other coaches teach bits and pieces of online marketing, sales and communication—and that’s OK, but that’s NOT what I do.

I pull it all together with NLP and my clients truly appreciate it and love learning  because messaging, public speaking, sales, lead gen—it all comes down to the same thing: The stories and self-doubt you’re still hanging onto from years ago are holding you back from truly reaching your potential.👀

Trust me, I know about self-doubt and inner chaos.

The best part about incorporating NLP into business coaching is that you’re not in therapy uncovering years of angst and pain from childhood. #beenthere

I simply give you the NLP tools to bypass self-doubt and fast-track self-confidence so that you can attract new clients, opportunities and relationships.

When you include NLP —a significant chunk of professional and personal development—your  story, roadmap and strategies make sense and are easy to implement every single day. 

Successful clients of mine (and world leaders, top executives and celebrities) use NLP to build quick rapport with captivating stories, create crystal-clear roadmaps and discover a keen understanding of human beings so that your clients know why they should choose YOU, and invest in your highest-level offerings, NOW, instead of later.

I’ll show you my secret formula for perfecting your business with NLP and this will work in ANY niche because the principles are the same every time!

This is why one of the MOST common testimonials we get from my clients is that they find their voice AND use NLP at work and at home (Creep my website and you'll see what I mean!)

On top of that, one of the most common things people tell me after our coaching (group or 1:1) is that they have a full book of business without much pushback. 

Why is that?

Life, sales and everything else become a heck of a lot easier when your communication and internal stories are aligned. It's that simple.✨

And I show you exactly how to communicate the VALUE of YOU and your story in such a way that your ideal clients are willing to do whatever it takes to invest with you.

If right now you're convinced that you're only attracting broke people, I hate to tell you but..

That's very rarely true.

Instead—look at your bigger problem—your story and confidence aren’t aligned with the words coming out of your mouth so you’re not powerfully connecting the dots for people, nor making them understand why they should be EXCITED to hand over thousands of dollars for the privilege of working with you.

The good news is-- all of this is fixable.

And the even BETTER news is, I’ll be talking about all of this in my Facebook Live Wednesday night, and I’m inviting you to join us for "How to Grow Your Business with NLP."   I’ll be live on my SueYoungMedia Facebook page on Wed. Oct. 21 at 7 PM Central/8 Eastern.

 This 1-hour special training isn’t for everyone…it’s for curious go-getters and action takers who like to push themselves and “go deep” so you can help more people, live a more fulfilling life and truly have control over your life (even in a global health emergency). 🌼

Whether you’re a life coach, health and wellness trainer, insurance sales professional or work in a bank, you’ll want to know how to use NLP so you can attract exciting opportunities that grow your business.

No worries if you’re working with a coach right now, or not, it doesn’t matter. You’ll truly be amazed at how NLP connects the dots in your communication, stories and sales.  

So, join me Wednesday night on Facebook, Oct. 21 at 7 PM Central/8 Eastern for “How to Grow Your Business with NLP.”

💥💥💥See ya there and expect to be blown away 💥💥💥


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