Showing Up Big or Shrinking Back? Read This to Figure It Out

Showing up.

Are you full-on in or farting around? 

Showing up in a big, bold way every single day may sound demanding.

It's certainly not for the mediocre. 

Leaders and entrepreneurs who show up big rarely flinch at doing the work. They have a continuous improvement plan for their professional and personal growth.

It reaps big rewards.  

Showing up big and adding value every step of the way isn't about being a blustery blowhard.

Successful leaders have humility.

They don't need to be the center of attention to have a presence.

Their simplicity and modesty are enough.   

When we commit to excellence, we can bring immeasurable value to others.

Businesses grow. People develop. Things get done with ease. 

🎯Here are 3 ways to add value to your work, clients, and life:  

1. Anticipate; don’t react. Adding value to client relationships is obsolete. You've gotta consistently add IMMENSE value. This means you study, distill, and learn. You know your client and their industry inside and out. Then you head off problems before they surface. If a panicky client comes to you stressed over an issue that's making headlines, it's too late. Today, we must be proactive long before the negative news and buzz begin.

2. Hit the accountability jackpot. Own everything you say and do. Author Elizabeth Gilbert says she used to wake up and think, “Who can I blame today?” To get unstuck and grow, Gilbert had to change. She says she had to take responsibility for all her choices and behaviors. Period. Time to reframe the blame game? 

3. Sell the vision before the details. In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream" speech. Simon Sinek writes in "Start with Why" that Dr. King didn't mention a plan. He focused on the possibilities. The results. People bought into it. They trusted the heart and emotion of the message and the messenger. The details and logic came later. 

Many left-brain thinkers struggle to show up passionately. They are logical thinkers, like those who work in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC). Left-brain thinkers can show up with a big vision that stirs emotion. Blueprints and designs are one thing. Dr. King used a blend of left and right-brain thinking. Show up with a big heart and vision. Then backfill the valuable details. 

Showing up big is a way of life. Are you in? 


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