My Client Was Full of It, and You Probably Are, Too

Humans are born with only 2 fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.

Science proves it.

Everything else you’re afraid of was learned, most likely in your childhood (0-7 years old)

And we carry these fears—and the stories behind them—with us…for years.

• You talk about being afraid of heights.

• You talk about being afraid of dogs, spiders, or snakes.

• You talk about your fear of public speaking. Then, you give momentum to your (learned) story by talking about the presentation you messed up…in 2012.

Our words create our worlds. 🌎

And they usually keep us from growing ourselves and our businesses.

So, what are you afraid of, aside from maybe falling and loud noises?

My client, Don, was reflecting with me about how transformative this fear lesson has been for him.

Don’s a super smart techie.

He was studying computer languages long before the rest of us found the Internet.

His programs have been used by the Pentagon and White House; so cool! ⚡

But until a few months ago, Don was "full of it."

And you may be full of it, too.

📢Full of jargon and full of industry talk.

Don was struggling to piece together all his experience so it made sense to others.

😢There was a definite case of MEGO: My Eyes Glazed Over. (Sound familiar?) 😢

When I showed Don my Story Magnets process, the confusion was gone and there was finally...clarity.🧲

Sure, Don walked away with his elevator pitch and longer “About Me” story. Both are relatable, personable, and memorable.

Still, Don says it’s the story in his head—the limiting belief that he was “way too techie” that made all the difference.

He had worked with coaches over the years, but had never heard it explained in this way.

The transformation came when I showed Don the connection between the fear story in his head and how he was talking with prospects.

• Don has shut down his limiting beliefs and “owns his story.”

• He shows up online and in meetings with more confidence and just the right words.

• Don's now crystal clear when talking about his experience and the value he brings to the market.

💎Everything that Don has learned is inside of Story Magnets. It's my signature 6-week online group coaching program that starts on April 18th.💎

Let's get real here.

Maybe you're already thinking: Who needs another coaching program? Or...I'm short of money...

Remember this: You were born with only 2 fears (falling and loud noises). 👍

You control the limiting beliefs and story in your head, and even about this program. You have the power to change the script anytime!

Just check out the deets (and AH-MAZING results of 400-700% ROI from clients like Don!) on this webpage.

The early-bird rate is is good through Friday, April 1, 2022.


Story Magnets:
How to Talk About Your Business So Dream Clients Buy From You

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