How I Made $18,000 on Clubhouse β€” and How You Can, Too

It’s a word I use when I talk about my husband.
And Clubhouse.
I joined Clubhouse in January. I quickly fell in love with it. It’s audio-only so it’s perfectly in line with my style.
Maybe it’s because it’s easy—no on-camera video or long written posts.
Anyway, when I speak on Clubhouse, my delivery, style, and vibe attract people.
Many listen. Some hire me.
That’s right. I’ve generated πŸ’° $18,000 πŸ’°in revenue from Clubhouse, and you can, too.
Simply by knowing how to talk about yourself in a concise, helpful, and personable way so people want to connect with you.
πŸ‘€ Here's the secret:
You don’t have to share all the details of your life and career. You just have to share the right ones at the right moment.
After finding my way around Clubhouse in those first few weeks, I quickly learned how to share my knowledge, wisdom, and experiences so it adds value and helps someone get clarity.
My willingness to share my story on Clubhouse has brought me:
• $18,000 in new revenue for private coaching clients.
• 30% more Instagram followers. (Until a few days ago, the best way to DM people from Clubhouse was through Instagram—which helped build your IG presence.)
• 2,300 organic followers and growing.
• Thousands of people who now know me as an expert because I’ve moderated or “co-modded” a room.
• 5 appearances as a guest expert teaching for 1-2 hours about storytelling, public speaking and NLP to a captive audience.
• 6 podcast interview invitations which will lead to more exposure and growth.
Sure, the numbers are nice. And it was nice to have a few of my Clubhouse connections as guest experts on my recent Summit. πŸŽ‰
But there are two more huge benefits to being on Clubhouse:
🧨First, it’s a hotbed for real-time market research.
Venture into a room where your ideal clients are hanging out and they’ll pose their questions and challenges.
They’ll talk about their frustrations and desires.
And you’ll quickly learn the buzzwords to use in marketing copy and messaging.
🧨Second, it’s the perfect place to practice sharing your story and your expertise… which can lead to any and all of the outcomes I mentioned above.
Of course, it helps when you have a clearly worded introduction and you know how to weave your expertise into conversations without being awkward, sales-y, or pushy.
πŸ“’Stories DO scale businesses.
And, I’ve known this long before Clubhouse.
Clubhouse is just another powerful place where you can share your story.
But what happens if you don’t have a system to share your story? πŸ™
More than likely, you’ll avoid the platform and never see any results from it.
I’ve been using the same storytelling system since I started my communications business 21 years ago. I built a multiple 6-figure business without technology, a budget, or staff. 
It’s the same System I use on Clubhouse and every other platform I’m on.
And I’ve been teaching my Story Funnel System to entrepreneurs just like you who use it to get 300-400% return on their investment to learn the system.
If you want to catch the Clubhouse wave, before it becomes a “big thing” like Facebook or Instagram, you need a system to share your story.

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