Getting Prospects to Believe You

I talk A LOT about how to introduce yourself so you are seen and heard --and grow your business.  

I am obsessed with my work not because people walk away with a concise introduction. 

Something is hiding deep beneath the words. And it has become my mission.  

It’s the real reason I do what I do. It has taken me a lifetime—59 years and torrents of tearsto understand my fixation on other people's stories.

It began when I was four years old. I didn't speak.

My parents thought I was deaf, but the doctor told them I was fine.

He said I didn't talk because I communicated in a way that didn't require words. When I was hungry, I’d bang on the refrigerator.

No words or voice were necessary.  

So, what does a little girl who did not speak until age 4 do with her life? 

I went to college and majored in mass communications.😎 Go figure. 

I quickly found the campus radio station, a place filled with microphones and speakers that amplify voices. 

After graduation, I started my career as an on-air radio news anchor and reporter.

For 10 years, thousands of people across New Jersey and New York would listen to me.

They heard my voice. Every. Single. Day. 

And I STILL felt deep in my core that I wasn’t being heard.

It haunted me.  

You see, my mental chatter was reinforcing the crap I listened to from the people closest to me.

Like when one of my sisters would joke that she loved that I was on the radio.


Because she could turn down the volume and not have to hear me talk. At home, she was stuck listening. 

We laughed about it. LOL. Eh, not so much. πŸ‘€

I didn't realize how this "joke" from a close sibling could undermine my self-confidence for so many years. How soul-crushing her words had been for me. 😒

I am writing this through tears because I still feel the sting of my sister's "humor."

Ignoring people is a sign of blatant disrespect. It's that simple.    

  • I cried. 
  • I went to Satsang classes with a yogi to "be in the company of truth." 
  • I studied Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). 
  • I went to (a lot of) therapy.  

It’s taken a lifetime for me to reclaim my voice.

To love myself to the point that I KNOW and FEEL deep in my heart that there is nothing wrong with me. And there never was. 

This is why I started my business 21 years ago.

On the surface, it looks like my work is about visibility.

But it’s really about BELIEVABILITY and shutting down negative self-talk. 

I teach the BELIEVABILITY FACTOR because if you don't believe in your message and voice, no one else will.  

The BELIEVABILITY FACTOR is my obsession, my dharma, my purpose. To make sure you don't feel deep shame and powerless like I did. 

The Believability Factor brings you a stunning and priceless gift: Your voice.    

😍My heart sings when YOU believe in YOU. 😍

Today, I'm lit up teaching the Believability Factor to experienced entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, and aspiring speakers. (Ironic, right?!)πŸ’₯

My clients experience profound, emotional breakthroughs in their work and personal lives.

β–Άβ–ΆAnd it has very little to do with an elevator pitch. 

I’m going to share more about the Believability Factor in my Master Class on Jan. 20th.

If anything here resonates, you’ll want to join us. 

I’ll show you the exact tools that I use to up-level my beliefs, story, and voice. Click here for the details and registration.  


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