Everything You Need to Consistently Get New Clients is Right Between Your...

Everything you need to blow the doors off your business right now is… between your… ears. 

You’ve done the hard work with school, training, and learning new skills.

So, WTF? 🤷‍♀️Why aren't your dream clients coming?

You've gotta get in front of them.

Showing up in a bigger bolder way and stepping into the spotlight may not be for everyone.

But it IS for people who want to share their gifts and story to make a bigger impact.  

Plenty of entrepreneurs, coaches, and business leaders are scrambling for new clients. I know it's hard to get noticed in our noisy online world.

But posting awkward dance videos and scrolling for hours can be an energy drain.  

I’ve been getting organic leads and clients for years. You may want to consider my process. It sure beats paid ads that rarely convert. 

I share my knowledge and story with captive audiences at conferences and meetings. You can, too. 

The audience wants to learn from you.  

They are warm leads –in bulk.

They watch you in action.

They get to know your personality and style. Some like what they see. 

And these folks buy. And they refer their friends.  😍

Look, maybe you set a goal in January to put yourself out there more.

Damn, it's already October and it ain't happening.   

Maybe you’re ready to follow your heart and get some speaking gigs.

Or maybe you're already speaking at conferences and webinars. Reaching more people would be terrific.  

The process I use to find event organizers who can book you is easy. Most people simply don't know it, and miss out. 

This is organic business growth x10. 🥇

Knowing the right people is everything. It brings you consistent warm leads, new clients, and more speaking opportunities. 

(Another plus—these days, many events are virtual. You can be paid to speak and not have to stress over airport delays and understaffed hotels.)

If you’re feeling the nudge to share your expertise, grab the details on my free live training. On Oct. 19th. I’m teaching “How to Get Paid Speaking Gigs, Online and Onstage.”

You’ll learn how to grow your audience, sales, and impact. And if you’re already a paid speaker…join us anyway. I’ve got creative new tips and hacks that you may be missing. Click here to save your seat.


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