Everyone Can Hear You

Our communication is an “inside job.”

Whatever story we believe about ourselves becomes the soundtrack of our lives.

  • I always get in a sales rut in the summer.
  • I need to hire an assistant but I’m not making enough money.
  • I suck at online networking.

When you have a high level of self-awareness, you notice the internal chatter. Then, if it's toxic, you can make a change.

The good thing is that you can decide anytime, any day, to re-record your self-talk jabbering. You control the radio dial in your head.

So what are you listening to???

A soundtrack of worry, weeds, and unworthiness? 

Or are you tuned to a soundtrack of success and live with a sense of ease and optimism? 

Getting real here. I have often kidded myself into thinking no one else can hear my berating voice.

Sound familiar? 

I was soooo wrong.

Talking s**t about ourselves is sneaky. It creeps into our conversations, emails, messaging, and videos. Every. Single. Day.

When we decide to tune into our internal success station, we begin to unlearn our limiting beliefs.

The baggage and stories we’ve carried most of our lives. We shut down the part of our brain that keeps us stuck.

Look, this isn't about affirmations. It’s about making a lasting change in the way our brains are programmed. And the voice we listen to day in and day out.  

Fine-tuning your internal chatter allows magic to unfold.

My client, Ted Dixon, says our work together helped him to repair relationships with his wife and daughter. (Plus, Ted surpassed his goal of hitting $1 million in revenue for the first time ever--in the Pandemic)   

When you commit to fine-tuning your internal communication, you'll feel empowered to use your voice and share your opinions, insights, and expertise.

To speak up in meetings and online. To record the new videos. To do the podcast interview. To grow in your business and personal life.

It’s an inside job. Work from the inside out and watch how things improve. You score a huge contract, fill a program, or collab with someone who you believed (!) is out of your league. 

This is especially important today, as it’s World Mental Health Day. The things we feel uncomfortable talking about are usually the ones we need to talk about.

For decades, mental illness has been swept under the rug. It’s been seen as embarrassing or a sign of weakness. My family has been deeply affected by mental health issues. I know there is no rug.

If you’re struggling or need an ear, no judgment. Please message me. Or reach out to someone you know and trust.

This world can feel chaotic and overwhelming. You are not alone. 🙏💜


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