Do This and You'll Quickly Grow Your Business

Stories around the holiday season run rampant.

From family and generational tales to Biblical passages, stories bring us together as human beings. 

It is the words within the stories that wield true power. 


Words move us deeply.

We listen, watch and read with wonderment, curiosity and emotion. Well-written and well-told stories have the power to move us to laughter...and to tears.

One thing I’ve noticed in business as “Life’s Little Observer” (being a people-watcher and listening with a keen ear as a news reporter) is this...

The highest paid people in the room are exceptional storytellers.

Believe me, I have interviewed everyone from homeless people to presidents. During my 35-year career, I have seen it all! 

My point for everyday business pros like you is this: 

  • Nail your story and you will quickly grow your business.
  • Nail your story and you control your future.
  • Nail your story and others are drawn to you because you have a special magnetism.

Think about it. Isn’t it frustrating to listen to someone who is all over the place?

Your interest wanes.

Your eyes glaze over.

Your mind drifts. 

Still, the true pain comes you've got the experience, skills and talent (and education)  but you're still unsure of where and how to begin.

So you cobble together a few sentences to introduce yourself or talk about your business. And you quickly learn (again) that you can't "wing it." Droning on, rambling and babbling only bring more embarrassment  and frustration.  And judgement #ugh. 

Maybe you've been dancing around the words and rarely getting to the gold.

It’s all there for you but you're so confused with what to include and what to leave out—that you're stuck. For a painfully loooong time.    

You've got plenty of company, trust me.

Most of the people in my signature Story Magnets Ultra class admit that they were stuck. And it's so incredibly moving for me to witness their transformation as I walk them through the process, give them the templates and words ...and coach them so that they step into their words, power and potential with energy, gusto and enthusiasm.

They literally come alive before my eyes and the others in the group. It's amazing to witness!   And they are super excited to use their introductions and stories online and 

Look, you don't have to share everything. You just have to share the right info so your message resonates with people who can buy or refer you.

All you need are the right words, in the right order, at  the right the right people.   

In Story Magnets, we take a deep dive into your story. I know what you're thinking...don't get rattled. There's no dissecting your high school crap. We don't have to rewind and dredge up the junk.

There's no therapy or crying here.

All we do is re-set and re-frame your story.

And that's why Story Magnets is SOOO powerful and gets tons of rave reviews from so many students. This is the 6th and final time I'm running the program. 

Story Magnets is "inside out storytelling. "  In just 30 days (5 weeks), we reframe your old story and negative self-talk  (imposter syndrome, I'm not good enough) so you tap into a new empowering story in your head.

THEN, we dive into the templates and my process for your 30-second introduction and the longer version of your story. So when someone says "Tell me about yourself"'re excited, not freaking out. 

Here's the deal: the new Story Magnets Ultra class starts Jan. 4. I simply show you how to use my formulas so you can nail your story and finally talk about your journey and accomplishments in a fun—not frustrating way. It feels empowering, convicted and masterful.

Give yourself a gift this holiday season...make the investment in YOU and your story so you can attract new business and make a bigger impact.

PS: The Preferred Rate is only in place until Dec. 24—so click here to save your seat now! 



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