Don’t Forget to Bring Your Audience Along

I can’t count the times I’ve stared at a crisp new landing page that’s about to go live, wondering: will this convert?

Will my message land? Will the words resonate so people opt-in, reply, or join…whatever…?


Your words—and mine—only dance off the page and into the hearts of prospects when we use THEIR exact lingo.

When we talk about

  • THEIR pain
  • THEIR aspirations
  • THEIR desires

This was glaringly obvious in one of the women entrepreneurs Facebook groups I’m in.

A member—let’s call her Lauren—wanted feedback on a landing page for her new offer. She specifically asked for comments on her 2-minute welcome video.

When I looked and read the few lines of text above the video, I had no clue what Lauren was offering.

Would the video bring clarity?

The page layout was visually appealing, but the words were confusing.

I wanted to give Lauren the benefit of the doubt (could my brain be mush???).

But others also said they were unclear about her program and container. Only one person said she loved the offer.

So, I watched Lauren’s welcome video, which was sharp.

🀷‍♀️But this one thought kept me distracted throughout:

Where is LAUREN in this video?🀷‍♀️

She had vivid images, smooth transitions, and a lively music bed and voiceover.

The video closes with Lauren on camera for 10 seconds, inviting people to join her offer.

Yes, Lauren was missing from her own video.

And, I didn't see or hear how Lauren’s dream clients fit into this page.

There wasn't any clear connection to the audience.

πŸ‘€ Both are nearly invisible.πŸ‘€

Too many times, we forget to bring our audience along. (MIC DROP).

When I asked Lauren if she did market research, she said the copy was from an ad agency and was being “changed again.”

Here’s what I know –and teach—about market research and business growth.

When entrepreneurs do market research without an ad agency, you strike gold!πŸ˜‚

Your market research is simply a real conversation with clients and prospects.

No emails or polls, pick up the dang phone so that you uncover the pain and desires of your dream clients.

Yes, data and SEO are important, but not as critical as getting the exact words from your peeps.

You don’t have to make crap up, or guess.

When someone asks me what my dream clients want, I don’t respond with “I think” or “I guess.” I KNOW. 

You see, guessing is very expensive in business.

πŸ“’When you ask the right questions in your market research, you will KNOW exactly what to say in your copy. And you'll attract qualified prospects.

And, what’s up with Lauren popping into her own video right at the end??

She said she cringes when she sees herself on camera.

I get it. It's taken me years to stop hiding behind technology to feeling comfortable on camera. I was way too self-conscious of my body language, eye contact, and delivery.

Awkward AF.

But I refused to give up.

I knew that if I went on camera and showed up—and screwed up—I’d get better.

All you must do is be yourself.

That’s what people want to experience.

Show up and get a bit better each time.πŸ™

There’s only 1 reason to do this: YOU are the message!

People want to connect and see how you move, sound, and behave. They want the human connection, even if it’s “a quick video.”

Do you need to stop hiding behind the camera and keyboard?

Are you ready to embrace the Human Factor in business?😍

When you connect—human to human (H2H) –you’ll be building that Know, Like, and Trust factor.

You are selling you..and if you aren’t showing up, your dream clients won’t show up either.


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