Do These 4 Things to Get Paid Speaking Gigs

Painfully blunt is the way my hubs describes me.

Not gonna mince words here.

If you’re pitching yourself to event organizers who hire speakers….and all you get are crickets and maybe a gig for “volunteer speakers” …you’re wasting your time and energy.

You DON’T need to:

😢Create a slick Speaker 1-sheet with new branded photos

😢Pay for a goofball “speaker reel” video that's staged with “real people”

😢Join Toastmasters or spend big bucks on a voice coach

😢Waste a ton of time, money, and energy writing a book

Here’s what you DO need to do:

🎯Connect your topic to the theme of an event so that decision-makers know you "get" their audience

🎯Have a 1-minute video clip from a real talk that showcases your personality and expertise

🎯Work on your internal voice first so that you quiet self-doubt (and get contracts, not crickets!)

🎯Fine-tune your topic and description so organizers see you're a polished pro (and they can easily copy + paste it right into their marketing material)

Here’s the deal.

If you’ve been around for a bit and you’re still not getting hired to speak, it’s because something is missing in your BASIC communication.

Your messaging is making it really hard for meeting planners to quickly understand the value of your topic, connect it to their peeps/members/team, and pay you! 🥇

Look, I’ve taught thousands of people, from entrepreneurs and authors to therapists and sales pros.

What I notice is that folks who become paid speakers first commit to improving their communication. 🥇

When you're intentional—and a confident and clear communicator—opportunities come to you!

No chasing or crickets. 😂

Becoming a paid speaker doesn’t need to be complicated and full of painful “beginner” mistakes.

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