The Only Way to Get the Bold Transformation You're Dreaming Of

Your comfort zone is the most uncomfortable place to be.
It’s a space with a (BS) story that keeps you from making the impact you dream of.
It’s nearly impossible to have an impact on the outside world when self-doubt is affecting (impacting) your internal world. Your thinking.
Within our comfort zones lies "comfort zone stories." They keep us stuck and frustrated.
They are indeed…lies. 👀
Comfort zone stories are mental and emotional tugs of war.
They yank and pull at our self-esteem every day.
You know, the stuff no one wants to talk about but everyone experiences…🤦‍♀️
Comfort zone stories keep you from…
✔ Cleaning up your messaging
✔ Showing up in a big bold way
✔ Sharing your story and changing someone’s life
A longtime private coaching client, Ardith, knew she had to burn the book on her old comfort zone story.
It was filled with limiting beliefs from years ago.
If Ardith stayed stuck in her comfort zone story, she was guaranteed to get one result...
She would miss out on her own life and potential.
Ardith knew she would be tiptoeing around life's possibilities and never quite arriving.
Like so many of my clients, Ardith knew she had to get out of her own way so she could serve more people. 💖
She had to work through the discomfort of her story.
This is what transformation is all about. It’s a willingness to “go there.”
To be bold and put yourself out there even when you're scared. 🙏
Until you look at *THAT* story and how it limits your thinking, your impact on the world will always fall short.😢
To have a bigger impact, you've gotta be willing to say something.
To put yourself out there.
To show up.
📢 You can't put yourself out there in a big, bold way when the negative self-talk story keeps you playing small.
Ardith says that creating new stories over the past 10 years has been the key to her personal and business growth.
They bring her a refreshing energy that you simply cannot access in your comfort zone.
Ardith's willingness to continuously up-level her story keeps delivering impressive results. 🥇
Yes, Ardith makes a lot more money and her revenue is always increasing.
💎But, above all, Ardith has been hiring and growing her team so she can be a high-level advisor.
💎She's invited to speak and emcee at industry events.
💎Ardith is a thought leader with exciting opportunities that she never thought possible.
💎And Ardith feels content and fulfilled with her life.
Where is all this transformation happening?
💥 Outside of Ardith's comfort zone. 💥
Away from the old story and lies of not feeling worthy enough.
If you're frustrated with your business- and you've read this far- that's good.😂
It means it's time to get out of your own way, out of your comfort zone.
If you're ready for a new story so that you can have a bigger impact, contact me here.

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