A News Reporter Dishes on Why Your Pitches Are Being Ignored—and How to Fix Them

Hundreds of people over the years have asked me why reporters and podcasters are so dang hard to reach.

Why are they grumpy, uninterested and non-responsive?


Here’s the secret:

Ninety-five percent of the pitches and “great story ideas” that are sent are irrelevant. They aren't newsworthy. They aren't valuable and “worthy” of an audience’s attention and interest.

It's that simple.

I was a radio news reporter and on-air anchor. I received thousands of pitches during my 10-year career in newsrooms in New Jersey and New York.

I decided what was newsworthy. I was the gatekeeper.

My audience depended on my sound judgement to share important, compelling and interesting stories that affected them.  The same is true today with reporters—and podcasters. They want subject matter experts—people like YOU!  

So, are you relevant to their audience??? 

Just a Lil' Tweak

One of my coaching clients –Joanne—teaches professional sales and cold-calling. (Yes, it’s still a thing!) She was absolutely FLOORED when I delicately told her that her “wonderful” news story wasn’t newsworthy at all. You see, Joanne totally knew sales and business. But, she didn’t know the news business like I do.

Yet there was good news for Joanne.

All she needed were my trained eyes on her business to uncover a relevant and interesting fresh angle –not one that was self-serving to sell her new book.

 Joanne didn’t know how to “hook” reporters and podcasters so they would read her email. She lost them at the subject line. That is until we had our first private session. That’s when things began to change for the better.   

In our first coaching call, I asked Joanne questions about her journey, experience and passion. Within 30 minutes, we massaged her pitch, created an exciting hook that she loved, and, within days, reporters and podcasters were answering her emails!  

And it all went down during the busy holiday season. Such a nice gift. Joanne didn't spend a dime on ads and she got lots of free press! 

The Time is Now

The window of opportunity for entrepreneurs to score interviews is open—right now.

Yes, there's a health pandemic, social unrest and the U.S. presidential election.

Still, this is PRIME TIME for you to score interviews so you can reach more people and make an impact.

I'll show you how to do it in this free live video training on Oct. 14, 2020 at 1 PM Central. Click here for details! 



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