7 Scary AF Communication Habits — and Sweet Solutions

You know what "THEY" say?

Everything is bigger in Texas.

It's especially true of Halloween. People here go bat-s**t crazy on this festive day.

So here are 7 frightening communication habits.   

 Use this self-assessment to clean up your communication.  

  1. You refuse to receive. Someone offers a compliment on your clothing. You deflect and show them the button missing on your sleeve. ▶Solution: Shut up, smile, and say thank you.🤷‍♀️ 
  1. You listen to ghastly people. Well-intentioned family, friends, and even strangers can scare the beJesus out of you. Let's believe most mean well. Still, they could be clueless about your journey, intentions, whatever. ▶Solution: Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Shut up, smile, and tune them out. Then run away. Fast.🧛‍♀️ 
  1. You overshare. When the doorbell rings on Halloween, do you offer the kiddos every morsel of food in your pantry? No. You give them what you think they need, want, or may enjoy. Otherwise, their heads would explode. 😱 Same with your content. Handpick and be strategic with what you’re posting. Know why you are posting it and where you’re leading people. ▶Solution: Shut up and share a valuable nugget. One at a time. 
  1. You comment on threads with I’m offended, You don’t know, or I have boundaries. If anyone and everyone have crossed your line, you’re in the wrong thread. ▶Solution: Shut up, smile, and grow some freakin’ thick skin. Calling people out in public can be exhausting. Are you a blood-sucking vampire? You may need a dose of self-help, self-love, or therapy. You're not for everyone. And neither am I. And if you’re offended by what you just read, re-read it. And do what ya have to do.🤟 
  1. You ramble. No one is going to take precious time to TRY and figure out what the F*** you're saying. Confusion = zero. Go for clarity. ▶Solution: Get crystal clear on your audience, purpose, and outcome so you can help more people. If your message isn’t clear in your own mind, it will be almost impossible to explain it to someone else.🎯 
  1. You swear—every other word. Look, I can swear like a sailor, too. But posts laced with curses don’t necessarily show you’re being “real” or “authentic.” An editor I know says cursing is a lazy person’s way of communicating. ▶Solution: Learn some new words. Get your rear end over to PowerThesaurus.org. (it’s free, damn it!)😍 
  1. You “know.” Catch yourself when someone says something, and you respond with: I know. That’s subliminal for I’m closed; I’m not listening. ▶Solution: Shut up, smile, and have an open heart and open mind. You may hear or learn something new.🧨

In communication, tricks don’t work. Give your readers, viewers, audience, community, and clients something sweet this Halloween.

And rinse and repeat tomorrow.🎃

PS: Happy Halloween!


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