How to Easily Write 4 Versions of Your Bio that Pop

Do you feel like you can write or talk about anything and everything, except for your own experience and journey?  

You’re not alone.

You may feel like you need to cram your whole life story into one sentence. Other times you need to hand over a novel.

Writing a professional bio can be challenging because these days, one size does not fit all.

Take the time to prep these four variations of your bio so that you're prepared and confident anytime, anywhere.

Full Bio

Start big! Write (or update) your professional bio similar to a LinkedIn profile. Think 300 words or so.

Use the full bio as a baseline for the next few.

Short Paragraphs for Speaking Engagements + Interviews

You’ll probably find yourself using this one most often. I recommend pulling 8-10 short sentences from your full bio. They don’t have to be in the same order. Consider these tips:   

  • Write in third person
  • Omit specific jobs unless they bring prominence so you shine 
  • Include one live link to your website

Social Media

Aside from LinkedIn, you have less than 200 characters to use for your social media introductions. Use them wisely! Pull keywords and topics of interest from your full bio, and: 

  • Get creative
  • Think in “phrases” rather than sentences
  • Put the most relevant information first
  • Include your credibility
  • Show your personality
  • Use hashtags
  • Tag (@) your company’s handle

 One-Liner for a Bio Box on a Guest Post or Bylined Article

 Here’s my one-liner: “Susan Young is an award-winning visibility strategist and founder of Get in Front Communications.” Simple and on-point.

  Here are some tips for developing yours:

  • Establish credibility
  • Be straight up
  • Offer value
  • Keep it under 15 words

You can insert your one-liner into marketing materials and even use it in your email signature. 

Pre-writing these different versions will save you lots of time and headaches in the long run. You’ll be able to easily provide marketing collateral so you feel organized and confident.

 Remember to keep your bios up-to-date and always have a high-resolution head shot ready to go!



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