3 Ways to Create Content Without Writing a Single Word

You can create stellar content without having to write anything. 

Look, I get it. Not everyone is a writer.

And the good news is…not everyone is a reader.

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Keeping this in mind—and ever-changing algorithms—successful marketing strategies include a mixed bag of content formats.

You may: 

  • Create short "how-to" video clips
  • Share long-form posts
  • Use images for Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat
  • Record audio clips
  • Create fun infographics

A variety of formats will improve your SEO rankings – and grow your business.

Here are 3 ways for non-writers to easily create fresh content: 

💥Compile a round-up post. Listening to a webinar or training with a well-known leader in your industry. With basic notes or a recording, you can craft a post of “10 Takeaways” from the program. This is called “curated content.” Accurately transcribe the key nuggets—and be sure to live link or credit your source. I’ve done this with Seth Godin, Brian Solis, Donald Miller and others. They were some of my most viewed posts in some 12 years of being online

💥Maximize audio. Be a guest on a podcast –or maybe you already host one 😊. Other audio options to showcase your expertise include Alexa Flash Briefings. These are 10-minute audio clips equivalent to a short podcast.

Moderating a room on Clubhouse is another way to maximize audio without writing anything—except a 3-sentence calendar promo!

These are all super convenient ways to reach busy prospects who can tune in on an airplane, at the gym or in the supermarket. No limitations.

💥Record your thoughts. Audio recordings are a lifesaver for non-writers. Record yourself in an audio file on your phone talking about a specific strategy, tip or experience that's of interest to your audience.

Then, transcribe it (outsource it for a few bucks). With just minor edits and formatting, you’ve got written content for your blog, newsletter or email marketing. 

If you post a video, simply have it transcribed and you'll have a written post with the same content.  

Regardless of the formats you use, the key with content is to post consistently. 👈


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