20 Ways to Recharge Your Business for September

As we wrap up the summer, take time to catch up on some of the goofy business things that may be nagging at you day-to-day. #Energydrains

If you're ready to recharge your battery and kick-start your success, this list will help.

These small tasks can make your life less stressful and easier to manage day-to-day. You may even develop a new habit.

1. Clean up your contact lists and database.

2. Sort through your Favorites and Bookmarks. Categorize them and delete the ones that are no longer relevant.


3. Go paperless when possible. Shred or toss old papers you don’t need.

4. Read the magazines you’ve been saving for the past three months.

5. Get rid of the magazines you’ve been saving for the past three months.

6. Contact someone you admire and ask to interview them for a post or video.

7. Volunteer with a local nonprofit that can benefit from your business expertise.

8. Update your social media profiles and head shot.

9. Register for a webinar or course you’ve been meaning to sign up for but haven’t had the time.

10. Read the biography of leaders such as Gandhi, Ronald Reagan, or Florence Nightingale.

11. Schedule time to think.

12. Identify a few online chats and podcasts that can help you grow professionally or personally. Mark your calendar and start participating.

13. Pay attention to negative self-talk. Replace the internal chatter with positive, more compassionate language.

14. Back up your blog, website and computer—every day!

15. Write a thank-you note to a former boss or mentor, expressing gratitude for what they have taught you.

16. Unsubscribe from the e-mails, newsletters and other junk you receive but never read.

17. Research awards or contests in your industry that you may be eligible for and note the deadlines in your calendar.

18. Write down five things you are afraid of doing. Do one of them. Repeat.

19. Subscribe to the newsletters, YouTube channels and Instagram feeds of five leaders in your field—or your competition.

20. Make a list of 10 reasons you went into your profession and why you are still passionate about it.

Come September, you’ll be glad you worked on this checklist. For now, surf’s up!


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