Your Messaging and Lead Gen Are Still Off Because You're Missing This Key Communication Piece

What do Donald Miller’s StoryBrand book, Toastmasters, and Dale Carnegie have in common?
They’ve pretty much missed the boat. 👀
You may have read StoryBrand. I loved it—and even interviewed Donald Miller in person in 2018. 
Toastmasters helped improve my public speaking in 2002. Big fan.
Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People was the first self-development book I read. Timeless.
Like me, you've probably invested in top coaches, books, and programs, too.
For some reason, though, your lead gen is still lousy, and your copy doesn't convert.
🎯The crucial prerequisite that's missing YOU!🎯
All the strategy in the world is useless if you are (silently) doubting yourself.
👀You see, our communication is an “inside job.”
To reach new levels of success, you’ve got to notice AND do something to stop...
• Your internal story loop that’s laced with negative self-talk.
• The harsh and judgmental words that steal your confidence and joy.
• How you shrink back and miss ways to connect with others.
Self-discovery comes first, so you learn to control your thoughts. You train your brain for success. 🥇
No more hating on yourself.
It's sooo much better when you know how to shut down old stories you're still hanging onto.
Once you get out of your own way, marketing your business is easy.
You come from a place of empowerment and close more clients. 🎉
I know firsthand that you can't effectively grow your business if you're leaking poison.
YOU have gotta be sold on YOU because prospects pick up on even the slightest bit of self-doubt.
OK, don’t worry, the internal prerequisite does not mean (more) therapy or ugly cries.
I teach clients that you don't have to rewind; you simply re-set.
What a relief! 😂
When you get out of your own head, your external world will quickly shift. You’ll have more sales, opportunities, and deeper relationships.
Most trainers, coaches, books, and programs miss the mark and bypass the internal work.
This is exactly where we begin with Story Magnets.
The first module in this 6-week group coaching program brings huge shifts and even bigger ROI’s —700%!!
The incredible ROI only happens because of the AHA moments at the start of the program. And the transformation lasts a lifetime!😂😂
Look at how Story Magnets is laid out...
You can use MY method and YOUR story, so you OWN:
💎The success mindset
💎The exact words you need for a memorable 30-second introduction
💎Your written longer story for networking and the "About Me" page of your website
💎Strategies and tips for vocal vitality and body language that captivate dream clients
💎Dozens of free ways to get more online visibility and clients — without paid ads.
Are you willing to take the 1st step to gain control of your internal story so you can finally grow your business?

Story Magnets:
How to Talk About Your Business So Dream Clients Buy From You

A 6-week online group training for experienced entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, and consultants