10 Bold Business Books You Don't Want to Miss

You can already order a pumpkin spice latte at your favorite coffee shop and go apple picking at your local orchard. Labor Day weekend in the U.S. simply seals the deal—the unofficial start of fall is here.

Almost right on cue, National Read a Book Day is Sunday, September 6. What better way to relax and de-stress this time of year than by curling up with a good book?

Whether you’re soaking up the last days of summer or jumping right into fall, you’ll want to add one of these books to your reading list.

Here are a few...and click here to see the entire list: 

  • “Doesn't Hurt to Ask: Using the Power of Questions to Communicate, Connect, and Persuade” by Trey Gowdy. Learn how to seize opportunities and make a case for yourself.
  • “The Middle Finger Project” by Ash Ambirge. My favorite entrepreneurial journey book. The title says it all!
  • "Radical Self Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dreams" by Gala Darling. Discover how to create the life you want and become your own biggest fan.



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